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Set in the 'Youngverse'

The attack was sudden for the subjects of the great Box Queen. A powerful Dracony suddenly appeared in the sky, claiming she would lay waste to the small Kingdom and take all its cookies gold for herself.

Only the brave and fearless Queen Luna and her warriors, armed with their deadly accurate pillow catapult, stands between the destruction or freedom for the Box Kingdom.

The second story from Luna and Celestia's childhood in the 'When they were Young: Luna and Celestia trilogy'.

When they were Young: Luna and Celestia trilogy.
'When They Were Young: To the Moon!' - Part one
'When They Were Young: Operation: Cookie Liberation' - Part three

Inspired by the cover art drawn by the amazing Ende26. Go and show her some love for her art and blog.

Thanks to my pre-readers DVAN56 and Rainbowbob and my editors Draconian Soul and Merc the Jerk


Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 66 )

That was quick to come out :rainbowderp: and Finally! Mr101, you meanie, making me wait till you finished for me to read :fluttercry:

And the challenge to stop the rampaging dracony begins :rainbowkiss:!

AWW yeah! Another epic one shot! I swear man If I could harness your writing ability I'd be invincible! :pinkiehappy: Great Job I love the night guard and his 'Why am I here?' attitude. *claps*

....I think my teeth are rotting in my mouth at how freakin' adorable this is:pinkiehappy:

:trollestia: The kingdoms cooki- gold will be MINE!!!!!!!

That poor guard. He should get a raise.

This was soooooo cute!!!!

Ermahgerd, ish so ceyute! :yay:

Cute woona love best love

Aww! She's so preashious! :twistnerd:

This is a great little series XD I guess their mother asking "Why [insert comment here]?" as the last line will be a running gag XD

'Operation: Cookie Liberation' - Part three (Coming Soon)


No mother dear the question is why shouldn't he be dressed as a Dracony?

... To... Much... Cuteness... Even a being such as me can be all, :rainbowkiss: cuteness overloooooooooooad! ( Feed breaks in and out until the screen explodes...) :twilightoops: damn it, did it again...

I am totally Chives. He is the embodiment of my soul and I demand to know how you acquired it.

*life support flatlines*

“Tia, Lulu,” Aeterna began.
        “Yes, Mummy?” they both asked.
        “Why is your father dressed as a dracony?”


You've peeked my interests, and I'm glad I checked this out.
It. Is. Adorable.

Well done - sibling rivalry at its cutest!

The amount of cuteness you put in this story appears to be preventing me from liking it more than once.

o. mah. gawd
if I still had hair it would have turned pink.


My goodness this is too adorable. D'AAAAAAAAAAAAAW


Luna scowled at the foul beast. This beast, with the body of a pony and head of a dragon, had terrorized her peaceful kingdom one to many times with deadly flour bombs. And today she was going to end it.

Wait, what the hell are they -

She levitated a flour bomb from the saddlebag by her side and launched it towards Luna. Luna held up the pillow in defense as the projectile collided with it with a loud ‘poomf’. Flour went everywhere, covering the pillow and parts of the box buildings as well as the night guard. He remained unmoved as the flour hit him aside from a single blink.

Oh. I thought they were lobbing homemade explosives at each other, like this:


woona is best pony :scootangel::scootangel::scootangel:
also why a trilogy why not like something alot more then a trilogy :rainbowhuh:

Raven: Is every one of this fics gonna end with a question for Aeterna? Either way, too bad the nightguard didn't try to enjoy the adorableness.

Dr. X: That is quite adorable, indeed, though I was suspecting the 'reinforcements of the Equestrian Kingdom'.

Raven: Heh. Same thought.

I get this feeling that the next will be even more d'awwsome then this one. Which, for the record, is made of pure cute. I take it you have siblings?

3299773 i agree, that the next one will have more d'awwws. Mr 101 never fails us....not much. But siblings aren't exactly......fun. I take it you don't have any?

I actually have 2 sisters, both younger than me. This trilogy really does describe in good detail how siblings behave. However... situations like this are exceptionally rare in my house, and things usually end with me getting passed at my sisters, but I digress.

“I AM THE BOX QUEEN!” Luna shouted

are you referencing something...?:unsuresweetie:

Terra is an awesome father. Nuff said.

This sequence is just too adorable!
Terra is good daddy.

oh gawd! the lulz! a basket of cookies for you! -snaps fingers and a basket of dancing cookies appears, the basket wearing a tophat-

Dat ending! Oppsite from the last one! :rainbowlaugh::yay:

lol THIS IS SO FRIGGEN CUTE!!!!!!! X3 :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

Aside from a few grammar issues here and there... THAT WAS SO FRIGGIN' AD'AWWABLE ZOMGWTFBQQ!

and once again, Celestia and Luna get up to childhood hi-jinks
way to go, seriously, this story is too many kinds of awesome and cute


Well, I've read this story for a good while, and you know what? One of the best ones I've read!

10/10 yay(s)!
:yay: :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay:

Yes. Very yes. So much cute! :twilightsmile:

I'm am the BOX GHOST

Wait Celestia destroyed a Library? She better hope Twilight never hears this story! X3

Oh my god!! After reading these stories I just can't stop smiling!!:pinkiehappy:

the courtyard to gree Lord Fluffykins,
Celestia was suddenly hit with hit hard

Just thought I'd point those out.

i love your stories man

Domthey all end with their mom saying some hilarious comment?

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