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Set in the 'Youngverse'

One day whilst out practising, Luna gets spooked by a butterfly and accidentally sends it to the moon. Running high on giddiness at her new power, she decides to play several pranks on her sister Celestia.

Surely nothing bad will happen, right?

The first story from Luna's and Celestia's childhood in the 'When they were Young: Luna and Celestia trilogy'.

When they were Young: Luna and Celestia trilogy.
'When They Were Young: The Box Queen and the Dracony' - Part two - Part two
'When They Were Young: Operation: Cookie Liberation' - Part three

Inspired by this comic by the wonderful Flaysch-Katzerl, go and show her art some love.

Thanks to DVAN56 and DisHarmonize for their help!

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yay new story imma read it now:yay::yay:

Mr101 I am upset with you mister, not letting me pre-read because you wanted me to read it as a surprise :fluttercry:

Bwhahahaahahah best Comic EVER!!!:rainbowlaugh:

now time to read the story....:trollestia:

I shall bow to this masterpiece of modern art. I shall pray this like if it was god. I read it forever I shall....Nah i just go fave it and like it then go so something else.

Awesome story need a sequel:heart::heart::heart:

Not bad.

Really could have done with some editing though. It kinda ruined it for me.

Still, some innocent laughs to be had. Good work dude.

I thought the story was cute but you completely ignored canon and didn't add in the AU. Celestia had to use the elements of harmony to banish Luna to the moon for a thousand years.

Besides that one nit pick the story was well done.

Ah, I guess Tia likes to go bananas.

the ending was truly the best part of the story for me.

Fun fact: Luna original said "to da moon" instead of "to the moon"

Because no one has posted it yet:

Fun times!:twilightsmile:

That wasn't funny. :ajbemused: That was HILARIOUS! :yay: :pinkiehappy: Liking and faving‼

And then Luna was banished for a thousand years. The end!

Yes, but that was Celestia. Luna, as stated in the story, had an innate connection to the moon, evidentially allowing her to send things to it without the Elements.

Great story, so cute!

Write on,


Please point to me canon where that is any bit of true?

Luna is connected to the moon but that doesn't mean she can just insta banish people to it otherwise the first episode of MLP FiM would have ended very differently.

It actually is never mentioned in canon whether or not she can. Thus, an AU tag isn't really necessary as nothing in this story blatantly goes against canon.

As for NMM banishing them all in the first episode: just because she would have been able to, doesn't mean she had to.

Just my own thoughts on the matter. I am by no means an expert on MLP canon.

Write on,

3215546 Well one would assume if Luna had the ability to banish a pony to the moon than the entire first episode would have been the finale as well. She would have sent Twilight Sparkle to the moon and the end.

I don't understand why people are upset with my comments as I don't hate this story I am just suggesting the author adds an AU tag since it directly goes against Canon.

Celestia has never been banished to the moon and this story takes place pre canon.

I don't think the fic is bad or stupid. I just think if you are going to add new powers and not make the fic post canon it should be AU or explain how she loses the ability.

3215582>>3215546 Both of you. Calm your Titties! It's a Fan Fic!

3215603 True it is... I guess I got excited for nothing XD

I never said that I think you hated it, I was just trying to give my idea of how it works. As per my earlier statement:

It actually is never mentioned in canon whether or not she can. Thus, an AU tag isn't really necessary as nothing in this story blatantly goes against canon.

Show me where in canon it says that she can't do that. And no, her never doing it on-screen doesn't count.

As for NMM banishing them all in the first episode: just because she would have been able to, doesn't mean she had to.

Think of it this way: if Twilight, as a filly, was capable of transforming her own parents into plants (albeit accidentally), then certainly Discord could have done something similar with a snap of his fingers. But he didn't. Just because he could, doesn't mean he had to.

Let's please not make this an argument. I'm just trying to say how I see it.

Write on,

Heh, heh. True.

Now I'm a little embarrassed about that long reply I just posted. :twilightsheepish:

Write on,

3215664 How do you think I feel, I must have sounded like a jerk anyways no hard feelings and I am sorry everyone for being a drama queen about technical bs.

Anyways no harm no foul and I shall leave it at that. :)

I think we both learned a lesson from this about arguing over pointless specifics.

Spike, take a letter.
"Dear Princess Celestia:
Today I learned a valuable lesson about..."
*walks away while continuing to dictate*

No hard feelings, bro/sis.

Write on,

Loved it :D

But there was one glaring mistake that I just cannot overlook and think that you should fix right away, besides all the other ones of course.

"Your welcome" should be changed to " you're welcome" :P

:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:Bwahahahaha! You, sir, are incredible at writing these stories! It makes me laugh so much!:pinkiehappy:

Regular Show comes to mind.

Well...this explains a lot.


This was hilariously wonderful and adorable. I especially loved that ending line.
"Why is your sister on the moon?"

what no bananas for celestia before she goes to the mooooooooon

Lmfao! Loved this!

That's pretty adorable.

Celestia's Adventures on the Moon:

Celestia: It's cold, dusty, and rocky here. There's nothing to do and I hate it here. GET ME BACK INTO EQUESTRIA!!!!!

And that is what happens when you are sent to the moon.:pinkiehappy:

Oh dear god this was too damn good!

Loved the MGS reference you put in.

Well done on this.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Awww... iddy-biddy pwony pwincesses!

PLEASE! Please, do more of them? Philomena's hatching, Luna's play time etc. could be some really sweet onesies...

You had a smile out of me as soon as I read the description. And you had me desperately trying not to laugh because it's 4:15 AM and my roommates are asleep. Well written. :rainbowlaugh:

Humming to herself as she returned from the kitchen, a glass of juice levitating beside her.

wat '

Love this!

A quick but good read, I enjoyed this one. Good work :twilightsmile:I especially liked the part where Luna enlisted the guards help. Had me smiling the whole time.:pinkiehappy:

At least Celestia has some nice cake to eat while she's on the moon. And she can do her homework!


Why is there no Luna emoticon?

3218007 Have you ever had cake covered in moon dust? Nice it is not! :pinkiesick:

But she still has her homework and hoofball.

Luna ran as fast as her hooves could take her, some tears in the corners of her eyes. She was about to head down to the kitchens for breakfast and had wanted to use the bathroom to sort her mane out however when she got there, Celestia had beaten her there and refused to let her in. It was only until waiting for fifteen minutes did Luna realise Celestia had long since finished and had teleported out of the bathroom in silence, leaving Luna with her growling stomach and unable to claim first dibs on breakfast.

And so an idea began to form in her mind.

The next morning

Luna ran to the bathroom, beating her sister, while running. Upon entering the bathroom, she closed the door, locked it, and then teleported TO THEEEEEEEEEE MOOOOOOOOOOOOON!


As Celestia sat at the dinner table, her father stared at her.

"Luna beat me to the bathroom... literally. Then she teleported to the moon."

And thus the story of Nightmare moon was created but then got fucked up over time as many stories do.

Filly Luna can spot a butterfly on the moon? :unsuresweetie:
That's the only real complaint I have about this story. Beside that, good work. :pinkiesmile:

Almost forgot to give this fun little story a Like on the first time through! Sorry, I'm a bit scatterbrained today. :twilightsheepish:

When she came to the corner of the corridor, she slowed her pace down as to not bump into anyone and that’s when she heard a soft sound behind her. Snapping her head round to see whoever was following her and blinked in confusion, seeing a box resting by the wall.

“Oh… it’s just a box… was that always there?”

She shook her head and headed down the left side of the corridor, failing to hear the giggles emanating from within the box.

:rainbowlaugh: Metal Gear Solid reference!


I think it's more of a magical sense than a visual one. I imagine it has to do with her inheritance of her mother's lunar affinity. :twilightsmile:

Just my two bits.

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