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One day whilst working, Rarity is horrified to discover a spider and tries to kill it.

Things quickly escalate.

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Big thanks to Vexy and Abramus5250 for editing and RainbowBob for pre-reading. Go check out their work!

Cover art found here by otakuap, go check out his work on his deviantart!

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I'm... not sure what happened. I remember the unicorn guy, what was his name? Starmswill the Tearded? I don't know, names are kinda off for me right now. So anyway, there I was with this unicorn then, BOOM! I found myself in the middle of his laboratory, albeit ruined.

Bit strange, isn't it?

So I started to walk, following this odd looking stripey thing, and found this cute little town. Seriously, it's utterly adorable.

And that's when I saw her, the lovely Celestia... ah, it sends my gears a flutter! Although I don't know who the blue alicorn is... or the lavender one... wait, I don't know anyone here apart from Celestia!

Thanks to Infinite Carnage for pre-reading and Draconian Soul with help on Zecora. Go check out their stuff! Cover art was done by myself.

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Set in the 'Youngverse'

Whilst playing with his favorite toy, Dorian, Discord overhears some local colts talking about something he doesn't understand. Like any child, he asks his parents about it and what was a seemingly normal day for Eris and Entropy is shattered with a single question.

"Mum, dad? What's sex?"

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Cover art from the adorable askdiscordbaby tumblr blog, go check it out!

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Set in the 'Youngverse'

King Terra and Queen Aeterna hire a new nanny for their daughters Luna and Celestia after the lastest nanny angrily humbly quits her position after a series of pranks by the two siblings. (Once again being instigated by Celestia).

When they meet her, Luna instantly takes a liking to her. However, Celestia isn't so keen on the idea... and tries to deter the new nanny away from her post.

... with backfiring results.

Big thanks to DVAN56 and bocaj518 for pre-reading.

Cover art taken from this fantastic comic by the awesome greviousfan, go give her some love!

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This story is a sequel to Chaotic Love

[The sequel to Chaotic Love, reading it is advised.]

It's been ten years since Discord defeated his inner demons and married Fluttershy. Now the father of three children, Entropy, Pandemonium and Songflower, he lives his days in peace & quiet with his wife and their friends.

He couldn't be happier.

But when something from his past threatens to resurface and possible tear apart his whole world apart, he stands to lose the one thing he cherishes over all else.

His family.

Temporary Hiatus whilst plot gets slight re-vamp. Apologies!

Humanized ponies, cover art done by ManiacPaint, background from Google images. Edited version to come!

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Set in the 'Youngverse'.

As Canterlot hosts the annual Christmas day party, Celestia, Luna, Chrysalis, Sombra and Discord begin their preparations for their annual sleep over.

Towards their bedtime, Discord suggests they all stay up as late as they can in order to see Santa Claus.

After their parents say goodnight to them, they put their plan into action. But just how long can they stay awake for?

Alternative universe tag for the sake of Christmas setting over Hearth's warming.

Part of the 'When They Were Young' Series, inspired by the cover art by the awesome GiantMosquito! Go show some love.

Thanks to my pre-reader DVAN56! Edited version to come!


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One's a master of chaos, the other's a master of voodoo.

When Discord, the embodiment of disharmony and chaos breaks free from his stone prison. He finds out things haven't gone according to his plan.

With his chaotic powers near useless, he comes up with a plan that will help him achieve his goals. Bring some help in.

It pays to have friends on the other side...

Crossover with Disney's 'The Princess and the Frog'

Inspired by this blog post from the awesome tumblr 'Discorderly Conduct', go check it out!

Thanks to my pre-readers, 'Berry Punch' and 'Draconian Soul'. And thank you to my editor, 'Vexy'. Go check their stuff out!

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Set in the 'Youngverse'

Princess Chrysalis is excited. Her mother and father, the current rulers of the changeling kingdom, have allowed her to go out into the neighbouring Equestria in order to take part of their annual holiday, 'Nightmare Night'.

Dressed as a ghost and followed by her royal guardian, Obsidian, the giddy changeling steps out to enjoy her first ever Nightmare Night.

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Part of the 'When they were Young' series. An expansion on the 'When they were Young' trilogy.

The stories that started the 'When they were Young series'
'To the Moon!
'The Box Queen and the Dracony'
'Operation: Cookie Liberation'

Silly story inspired from the cover art for Halloween by the awesome Aeritus, go show some love!

Thanks to my pre-reader DVAN56 and editor Vexy go give some of their work a look!

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Kobolds have a knack for cowardice and sadism. But not Tak.

Tak disagreed with how his race acted and yearned for something more out of life. After finding a book about a certain daring pegasus who had a thirst for adventure, Tak dreams of having his own adventures. Armed with his favorite spear, a makeshift bag and a determined soul, he abandons his clan and ventures forth into the unknown.

However, when he runs into a mischievous orange filly, a motherly pegasus and their friends, he soon finds himself caught up in something far bigger than he could ever imagine.

Thanks to my pre-reader and editor Vexy go give some of his work a look!

Cover art by me, background found on Google.

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"The bloody Captain had me clean the Princess's private lavatory last night for smoking on duty. It doesn't seem bad I know, but given she had another one of her bloody cake binges last night... it took me hours to scrub that sh*t off the ceiling..."

Meet Copper Hand, a Private in the Royal Guard. (Not by choice.)

Take a journey into his life through his journal entries that detail the horror thrill there is to being one of Celestia's finest.

A simple series of short journal entries. Humanized ponies, rated teen for language and some sexual related comments.

Pre-read by RainbowBob and DVAN56 Edits done by Bad_Seed_72. Go give them some love!

Inspired by the art by the fantastic egophilliac, go check her art out and her awesome blog!

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