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One's a master of chaos, the other's a master of voodoo.

When Discord, the embodiment of disharmony and chaos breaks free from his stone prison. He finds out things haven't gone according to his plan.

With his chaotic powers near useless, he comes up with a plan that will help him achieve his goals. Bring some help in.

It pays to have friends on the other side...

Crossover with Disney's 'The Princess and the Frog'

Inspired by this blog post from the awesome tumblr 'Discorderly Conduct', go check it out!

Thanks to my pre-readers, 'Berry Punch' and 'Draconian Soul'. And thank you to my editor, 'Vexy'. Go check their stuff out!

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I suddenly love you in ways I can't imagine.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Ahhhhh... Yes. Yes... I recall this.

He was quite the character, I'll admit. I do hope you do this tale justice.

Dr. F

:pinkiehappy: yes.Finally. Loved the movie,Loved the villain. :pinkiecrazy: friends on the other side was a good song.

.....this very first chapter tells me this is gonna be fun :D

Oh God, if they'd've done that in the show...:rainbowlaugh:

when dirty bit first put falicier in a mlp crossover I just about died from happiness....
now that its happened again?

“Don’t worry, everyone,” Twilight said confidently. “I’ve learned a new spell that’ll fix everything.”

Anyways, I suggest against having Discord swear like that, it sets a bad moral in the story, try keeping it to pony swears instead of humans, since both the word 'Hell' and 'Fuck' is humanoid words, I mean Hell comes from religion and fuck is.. yeah.

3498594 Did Discord say 'Hell' or 'Fuck' in the episode? Lé muah thinke' nayn!


Did Princess Celestia actually prepare for Discord's return?

You realize the entire chapter was a stab at the episode, right? :rainbowlaugh:

3498601 Yes, Yes I do, but swearing human swears will do nothing but add a bigger plothole than like, your moms ass.
Yeah sorry about that I lost what I meant to say.


Considering the fact that Discord takes out a Yellow Pages of villains from other dimensions and summons one villain who's supposed to be dead...

Considering the fact that Discord gets out the episode's script...

To be honest, is it really stretching it too far to suggest that Discord knows a 'human' swear?

3498619 Why would he swear by hell when there's Tartarus that exists in their world?


We're not making any ground here...

Remember that Discord took out a Yellow Pages book.... of villains from every other world.

Not only is it not unreasonable to suggest that Discord knows slang / terminology from some, but more importantly there are far bigger questionable plotholes to be found in this fic than the ones you're raising.

3498654 Meh, those were explained, but I found unnecessary swearing... well unnecessary.
It's like i'dd suddenly burst through your door and be all like "FUCKFACE FUCK OFF YOU PIECE OF SHIT! DON'T YOU FUCKING DARE REPLY TO THAT FUCKING COMMENT YOU SHIT!" Yeah, unnecessary.

Awww. I want to hug him and have him suck out my soul all at the same time! :pinkiecrazy:

Facilier was a great guy with a great song with a great death scene. But he was no voodoo, he was a FRAUD! Still this looks interesting.


While I agree in that I tend to avoid profanity in fiction, however I feel that the use of language is effective here.

The author is trying to convey just how shocked and angry Discord is that his whole plan for escape that he'd been formulating for however many years he'd been a statue (1000+) had failed within minutes of escaping from his prison, and he was about to be blown to smithereens by a giant rainbow.

If you feel that Discord's anger and surprise is unnecessary, then fair enough. But I disagree.

3498670 Meh, looking how Discord was in the series he'dd be more like "WAIT! IF YOU STRIKE ME DOWN I'LL COME BACK STRONGER THAN YOU CAN POSSIBLY IMAGINE!"


Let's not debate over how Discord should be characterized 'correctly'.

Let me just return to my previous argument, however, and mention that this fic is clearly deviating from the episode.

I could imagine being a groundskeeper hearing that whole thing.

3498677 I'm to tired for this shit, and i'm still having a severe writers block on the latest chapter.
How to make a Necromancer use paladin abilities... What to do what to do..?


Fair enough.

As for necromancy using paladin abilities... well, why would you want to do that? Surely the two are antonymous?

3498713 What do you get if a Paladin learns Necromancy?
Death Knights.
This'll be fun.

3498718 It was me, a bottle of 92% black absinthe, my computer, a blank slate, my guild chatting in the background and a idea that went something like this...
"If a undead Warrior started learning all the things the other classes do and transform into a necromancer, shouldn't he be able to use some of their abilities with restriction?" And thus, the first chapter was born.
It took me six hours to actually understand what I wrote.

"Objection!” Pinkie interrupted, “Eternal chaos comes with chocolate rain, you guys. CHOCOLATE. RAIN!”

All right, you had me rapt until the following;

“What the hell do you think you’re doing!?” Discord demanded. “How the fuck do you have the Elements!?”

That just hit me as jarringly out of character. Swears are pretty OOC for ponies, unless you're going with grittier AUs, and Discord's a more playful, mischievous spirit anyway. It doesn't suit him; I'd advise a different emphasis than 'hell' and 'fuck'.

Mr101, the maker of 'The Adventures of Damon Lipton'… you magnificent bastard, IF I WEREN'T THE MAN I WAS, I'D KISS YA!

I expect great things from this!


3498905 Well he's being influenced by hanging wit gangstas. :trollestia:

>>>“Lets see… ah! The Return of Harmony Part One… Twilight says the Elements are gone… Sun Butt goes on about the protection spell on the chamber that I brilliantly broke...” he took his glasses off and threw them into the wall where they exploded into confetti. “See!? You can’t just change the rules like that! Only I can!”>>>

"WRONG" exploded a voice so loud it was deemed the GOD-MODE GOD VOICE after its user, who was soon revealed to be the Fausticorn herself! "I MAKE the rules! So, I can change them whenever I want!"

"INCONCEIVABLE!!" gasped Discord. "You-you left the show!"

"You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it does. Anyway, in the original time line, yes," the Almighty Faust explained. "But one named Alondro went back in time thanks to a certain Time Charger-" Doctor Whooves waved from the TARDIS, which had appeared coincidentally at that exact moment -"and told me of all the horrible things various incarnations of you did to my ponies in thousands of twisted fanfics. I saw so much death and torment and unthinkable horrors in those demonic tales... Including several in which YOU ATE THEM ALIVE!!"

"Ah... ah.." Discord stammered. "I can't be blamed for the actions of fans! It's not like I enter their brains while they sleep and alter their neurons to write out the terrible machinations of revenge I dream up which I can never act out on the show!"

Faunst eye-narrowed.. and began to power up to Super Alicornyan 4.

Discord fashioned a collar so he could tug at it awkwardly while sweating a literal river... upon which he then tried to row away in a canoe.

Alas for poor Discord, it was useless, for Fausticorn awaited him and transformed the river's edge into Neighagra Falls, which Discord plummeted over and ended up in the human world where he encountered this:


3499211 I aim for maximum madness in every idea I have. :pinkiecrazy:

The footsteps began began to walk away again before stopping.

You accidentally put began twice.

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