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Essentially, this is a book club group. In the forums we'll discuss stories and question thoughts, ideals, and what may happen in later chapters of a story. For anyone wishing to become an admin or contributor, feel free to ask. Make sure the story is added to the group under the appropriate tags.

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So which story will we be doing first? :applejackconfused: SO MANY!!

Hey, a book club! Cool!

I look away for one second and we already have 47 stories in the group and 19 members:derpyderp1:

I joined this group :pinkiecrazy:

Aw, sure. I'll add one of my stories and see how this turns out. It's a one-shot with an alternate ending called "The One to Pay." I hope y'all enjoy! :raritywink:

Guess I'll be the first; just added my story to the main folder. :twilightsmile:

A temporary banner in place; if anyone is willing to create a more permanent one that would be great. :twilightsmile:

Joined. Why not? What do I have to lose?

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