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Hey there, friend! I'm sure you came here for a reason. Whether it's travelling through time, stalking people's pages, diving into a black hole, or maybe wanting the chance to be advertised, huh?

Well, let me introduce myself. I'm Shadowflash - amateur writer and a guy who likes to help the "little people" of the site. This group is dedicated for me to find those I can advertise on my page and in this group (once it becomes bigger). I really do hope you join for whatever reasons. Whether it be that you are trying to be featured for a week, advertising your stories, or perhaps roleplaying? Who knows. This groups is up for anything.

My definition of "weak" does not refer to you being a bad author/writer/person. No, my definition of weak refers to this:

Lacking political or social power or influence. IE: "a government too weak to impose order".

That being said, it isn't meant to offend you. No, "weak," by my definition here, is just displaying that you probably have awesome stories and you just lack the ability to influence people to read it. So, I do that for you. I spend thirty minutes to an hour every Saturday composing summaries and stuff and editing my group, my user page and creating a blog/forum post about so people SEE your name. I don't mean any harm and I sure as heck don't want you to be offended by the word "weak."

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I like this group a lot.

Author Of The Weak Group


I'm joining because I am beginning to doubt my ability to write. I'll never give up on doing It, but I kinda find beating a dead chicken against a wall: (the chicken being my stories and the wall not a lot of people) to be pointless, so I've taken the Initiative and am trying to get my stories noticed. But please be a little gentle with the hate. :scootangel:

Something tells me that in the group name, the work "weak" is used as a play for the word "week," thus making it "Author of the Week."

I don't claim to be a great author, but I try to be diligent. I'm positive there are many authors on here better than I. I'm just trying to tell stories to enchant and entertain. :twilightsmile:

Accidentally added Sweetie Bella to the wrong folder...

Hello. I realized that I never reciprocated the graciousness shown of Shadowflash by joining. Imagine my surprise to find my face on the cover of the group for the week of September 21st - September 28th!

For anyone that has read my story... thank you very much.

Hi I'm Icebraker. I'm an amateur writer who joined this group to both promote my story and hopefully get constructive criticisms/advice on my it and my writing style.

I hope you enjoy it and I'm happy to be a part of the group.:eeyup:

I thought this might be a relevant place to mention my new group, Magnum Opus. It's a group where any author can submit his or her greatest work... singular. Each author may post one and only one story to the group -- the one they see as their greatest artistic achievement, regardless of popularity.

Which one will you choose?

Whether it's travelling through time, stalking people's pages, diving into a black hole, or maybe wanting the chance to be advertised, huh?

3 of those 4 are true.

Comment posted by Minimoog Voyager deleted Mar 4th, 2014

greeting one and all, lets make the awesome happen!!:rainbowdetermined2:

Howdy everyone I've decided to join your club. I like promoting the little guys so count me in! By the way I have written several stories but for the time being I added The Sordid Tale of Equestria's "Other Princess" Happy reading everypony!:twilightsmile:

I'm sad, because this picture isn't pony. She's still sexy, but...not a pony. :fluttershysad:

All this talk of prime numbers has me thinking of prime rib. Now I'm hungry.

This is soooo surprising. :facehoof::facehoof::facehoof:

(lol jk :raritywink: )

Sorry, mate.
Prime numbers went out ages ago.

Even numbers are mainstream? I thought PRIME numbers were mainstream! Did they suddenly go out of vogue?

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