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Hi.  I'm just some guy, you know.


(this takes place in the future; eight, perhaps nine, oh let's just call it several seasons into the future.  Spoilers may occur.  Or maybe not.  If concerned, consult a calendar then relax).

The banging of the door knocker at the entrance of the Castle of Friendship rang through the castle's front hall.

"I will get it," called Quizzical Greystone.

"Quiz, you're a guest, sit down and relax, one of us will take care of it," answered Twilight Sparkle.

"It is no trouble, Princess Twilight.  I was already on my hooves."

"Quiz, that's for me, let me get the door!" cried Starlight Glimmer, as she came dashing down the stairs from her room.  She was hoping to intercept the visitor she expected before the bombastic mare completely overwhelmed the shy little unicorn.

"I am already at the door, Miss Starlight," answered the teenager.  Quiz opened the door, allowing the mare waiting on the front step to sweep inside with a flourish.

"This evening may now begin, for the main event has arrived!"

"Miss... Lulamoon?"


"Quiz?  You know Trixie?" asked Starlight.

"Quizzical, it is you!" cried Trixie.  Spike, Princess Twilight, and Sunset Shimmer entered from the throne room just in time to see Trixie lift Quiz in a exuberant embrace and spin her around.  "The Great and Powerful Trixie has dearly missed her Little Assistant!"

"Eep!" gasped Quiz.  "I... also remember you... quite fondly... Miss Lulamoon.  Oh, dear..."

"Please, my Little Assistant, there is no need for formality between us.  I asked you long to call me 'Trixie.'"

"Of course, Miss Lulamoon."

Trixie let out a pleased sigh.  "It is good to know that some things will never change."

"Oh, I have to hear this," said Sunset.  "Your 'Little Assistant'?"

Quiz blushed furiously.  "Miss Lulamoon tutored me in magic during my first year at Princess Celestia's School.    As I recall, my parents had grown a bit concerned about me, and hoped that Miss Lulamoon's somewhat flamboyant approach might do me some good.  They were ready to try anything."

"And they were right!  When I came to you an adult couldn't speak to you without inducing a panic attack!"

"That is true," admitted Quiz.  "By the time Miss Lulamoon left I was able to be alone in a room with another pony without hiding."

"It was clear from the start that conventional methods would be pointless.  As a practical magician poor Quiz was hopeless.  No aptitude for teleportation, transmutation, or weather spells.  She was also the weakest telekinetic I have ever known, though she did compensate for her lack of strength with outstanding fine control..."

"That's enough of that, Trixie," snapped Twilight.  "Quiz is a brilliant theoretician.  There's more to spell craft than just practical magic, you know!"

"Naturally, you would say that, Twilight.  Quiz did show some skill with screens and wards, and her light and illusion spells showed great promise, even if all her applications were sadly bland.  I actually learned a bit from the little filly in that respect."

"I did think your brute force approach to displays seemed impractical, and put some thought into finding a simpler and more elegant method," said Quiz.

Starlight laughed.  "She's got you there, Trixie."

"Yes, well, fine.  I hope you went on to do something useful with that, Quiz.  Oh, and if you want funny stories I could tell you about Quiz's first attempts at the Come-To-Life spell."

Quiz sighed.  "Again, true.  Miss Lulamoon's teaching is the foundation for everything I know about that spell."

"That explains a lot," said Spike.

"Oh, I know you've improved since then," said Trixie.  "Why don't you show me a little something..."

Spike, Twilight and Starlight cried out in unison, "Not inside the Castle!"

"This doesn't answer my question," said Sunset.  "'Little Assistant'?"

"As Trixie has already said, conventional instruction would not work with poor Quizzical.  So I decided instead to train her in stage magic."


"We had a little stage in the garden," said Quiz, very softly.  "And we did shows for the servants, and my little sister."

"And Trixie has never worked with a finer stage aid!  Quiz could work every lever, every rope and pulley, every trap door, and Trixie never had to repeat instructions!  Quiz could cross the stage in full view of the audience and never be seen!  Admittedly, all eyes were always on Trixie, but how Quiz managed to remain invisible in her sparkly costume continues to boggle the mind."

"I totally believe that," said Spike.

Twilight did a double take.  "Wait, did you say 'sparkly costume'?"

"It had sequins," moaned Quiz.  "Many sequins.  An astonishingly great number of sequins, given how little fabric there was."

"Unfortunately, as good as she was managing the stage, that did not translate into being a good magician's assistant.  The magician's pretty assistant is meant to show off the various magical apparatus, not to hide behind it.  The point to being on a stage is to be seen by an audience, Quiz always seemed confused by this simple concept."

"So, what happened to your teaching career, Trixie?" Spike glared at her.  "Did the Greystone's double check your credentials?"

"Um... well, yes... actually..."

"Miss Lulamoon's teaching certificate was traced to a print shop in Manehattan called 'Diplomas Galore!'  We were told she was a regular and received a bulk order discount." said Quiz.  "I was the only one you said good-bye to before taking the money and running."

"I couldn't leave without saying good-bye to you," said Trixie.  "Would you feel better if I said the money was life changing for me?  By that, Trixie means it was enough money to escape from the rock farm, with enough left over to make a small purchase."

"Small purchase?" exclaimed Twilight.  "You used money from Quiz's parents to buy...?"

"Actually, Trixie, why don't you join us for dinner," interrupted Sunset.  "You could tell us about little Quiz, and we could tell you what Professor Greystone has been doing since you knew her?  Want to know about the two times she was lost in another dimension?"

"Really?  Twilight, have you been losing your student through the portal?"

"Actually, the second time was my fault," said Starlight.

"I am no longer allowed in the room when the portal is active," said Quiz, pouting a bit.

"You know, Quiz is the only pony Aria Blaze actually likes," said Sunset.  "True story."

"Excellent!  Let me run out to my wagon for my photo album.  You'll be amazed how adorable Quiz looks when she's sparkly!"

And so, they all enjoyed a fine dinner, and embarrassed Quiz with many very spoilery stories that I simply don't have the heart to write.

Thank you, and good night.

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*Rolls out of a pillow fort and  hops up to Boop you*

*Then rolls back into it*

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>>2414376 Thank you very much.  I'll continue to write them (though I do think of other things to write now and then).

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I have read all Quizzical stories and have really liked them.

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I recommend reading Tides of the Past by King-mac-13(ironic naming coincidence) it's similar to the quizzical series in not having a 7th element but gaining a interesting background character, it is different in that it doesn't truly focus on the OC. However it is a interesting and introspecting vision. Though in my opinion yours has a much a sharper hook to it's audience that keeps them wanting more cute stone-faced files bumbling around writing her friendship journals.

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