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Members of this group can share their OCs without the fear of anyone else harassing them about it. Some users don't like the idea of stories containing OCs or other made up characters, but the bronies and pegasisters here do!

I have some rules for this group to keep things running smoothly:
1) No harassing. Don't try to offend anyone about their OC. They are just as creative as you, and you need to respect that.
2) No rude/immature/inappropriate comments. That counts cuss words.
3) Folders- Please put your story(ies) into the waiting folder. I will then either approve or disapprove of your story.
4) Have fun sharing ideas!

If you need any further information/questions, please PM me! ~ Vanilla Mocha

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381123 I'll get right to it!

I'd like to add my OC character stories, but the "add story" button is missing.:pinkiesad2:
Congratulations! This group is being featured in New Groups.

In the judgement of the groups that took place today, this group beat a vast majority of the groups on Fimfiction with its freshness, earning it a spot in the Groups of New.

Feel free to comment! Please nothing rude or inappropriate. Although I don't encourage it, if you would like to discuss anything dealing with shipping please don't go overboard with the ideas. Please no bad language. Thank you, Vanilla Mocha, creator of this group.

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