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This Group is based on no particular story; all story types are welcome, whether they be Dark all the way to Comedy, they will all be gladly accepted. This group is for all of those readers who just read to enjoy it and discuss the stories that they read, or anything for that matter. Everyone is welcome in this group and i hope that you will all enjoy.

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Hello everybody,
I just added Spike the Knight.
It is an action adventure story with Spike as the main character.
Hope you enjoy.

282696, hey, its great to have another member in the group, anyone is welcome and best of luck for your story. :yay:

hay guys im new and createing an awsome story like my little dashy. but much sader. and with some action to it so wish me the best of luck and thank you for leting me be in your gruop :D:yay::yay::heart:

i'd like to let you all know that i have my first fanfic uploaded, i would appreciate it if some of you have the time to read it

I have finally got a new laptop charger so my story should be updated soon :yay: :yay: :yay:

DJ BRON3's stories are the best :yay: :yay:

sweet another story by DJ BRON3

Twilight Sparkle

also how the hell did i end up being an Admin?

i have to go with RD as well ,she is the most fun and daring out of the group. I think it is safe to say that she is the best pony. (Yay finally got to use that line in a good way):derpytongue2:

200501 i know, she is the most awesome one, my friends say i'm wrong but i know i'm right, no one is better than Rainbow Dash :yay:

Who do you guys think is the best pony out of the mane 6?

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