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My lifelong dream is to write a dark fic about The Smooze.💖

To be inspired by

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"There is no wrong way to fantasize."

Watch how the evil Queen (pictured below) slowly descends into the dark sublime.

Stories written (in-universe chronological order):
Here lies Princess Amore — one thousand word obituary about the ancient Princess of Love
Warmth of the Stars — Celestia is placed before a significant choice that might alter the future of the realm
Promising Cadence — origin story of Cadance
QotD I - Creatures of the Dark (long, ongoing) — a story about ambition
The Tomb of The Prince of Silence — three travelers are facing an unspeakable danger in foreign lands

Stories yet to write (in order, the list is not full): "Hands are just weird, grabby hooves!"
The Hand of Discord
The Griffonheart King
Noir Las Pegasus
This is my little Sister
Crescentic Nightmare Moon (long)
QotD II - Creatures of the Dark Part 2 (long) — a story about sacrifice
Threads of Lies
Flashes of Inspiration
*** ******
QotD III - spoiler (very long) — a story about strive
** **** ** ** ********* ******** (hopefully long)
*** **** ** *******
QotD IV - The Soaring Rebel (long)
QotD V - The Darkness Sublime (long) — a story about resolution
QotD VI (standalone ending)

Each one is beautiful in its own right

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Can relate! :twilightsmile:
You're doing great, do not rush a good story!

Thanks for adding Presence to your album, it means a lot! Promise I’m working on it at a very slow pace :twilightsheepish:

Thank you for interest in my story, Ladybugs Awake!

Such a good anime. Am a Viral man myself.

You bet.
They kinda similar, no?...

Hahah, seems I was beaten to the punch, more than ten years ago
Such is life! :twilightsmile:

Maybe mine will be better. Or not. I now have something to be inspired by, that's for certain

  • Viewing 75 - 79 of 79
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