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This story is a sequel to Inexcusable

She looked just like Princess Celestia, except marred and broken. Her ceremonial barding had rusted slightly, and dirt matted her coat. Most noticeable was her hair; black streaks accompanied its usual multicolored luster. They looked like discolorations in an old photograph.

Worst was the scar across her chest. Her armor covered it, but nothing could hide what it meant.

The tarnished Celestia smiled at Luna. "H-hello, monster. I would say I am glad to see you, but that w-w-wouldn’t be quite accurate."

A big thanks to AlicornPriest for editing/prereading.

Russian translation by MLPMihail, with editing by Randy1974.

Comments contain spoilers. See here for a complete series timeline.

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So she raised Canon Luna as a lich like herself and took her back instead, well guess she got her wish in the end after all.

Shit just got real.
Nightmare: IT DIDNT BEFORE!?!?
me: ....nope!

Ahhh. The Raven. Very clever choice of chapter titles!

What matter more is the future, not the past. Nightmare moon can pay her penance better by serving Equestria in the new timeline. Celestia B has gone a little bit mad in her quest for vengeance.

There is nothing but death in the old timeline. The Celestia B should stay and heal her soul.

Discord,you can't hate him.

Looks like the other Discord was getting bored.

Some t-t-time after he sent this creature away, he must have gotten a little bored.

Called it

And so there shall be two and two once more, in a strange way. Fitting.

The first two stories were both tragedies in this.

And now, the trilogy has a bittersweet happy ending. I am glad.

An interesting bit of justice. Luna became the Nightmare, killed Celestia, then tried to save herself in another time, and was forced to murder herself. In effect, serving justice on Luna for the crime she was about to commit.

Now the revived Celestia has returned to claim the other Luna who does not have the benefit of time and endless penance to redeem her. She will help atone for NIghtmare's crimes in the same way that Nightmare tried to atone for Luna's.

Man, this is one of the most thought-provoking pieces of literature that I've read in a long, long time. I haven't seen something of this quality in years, and I'm ashamed that I haven't found this story earlier. I just binge read the trilogy of this series and through all the tragedy, I've never seen an ending that has quite fit a story such as this. Truly a masterpiece. I'd love to see more work from you! :pinkiecrazy:

I tried to find a reaction image to express my feelings on this story intro, but a proper, comprehensive one could not be found.

“We were just finishing up.” Twilight gathered up her notes and left her chair.

One lavender alicorn on the nope train to Screwthatville.

It had a hint of Canterlot Ventana 1243 in it, back when they still harvested berries from the east bank of the river rather than the west.

Some grade-A flavor text, there.

You keep kiving your readers cookies and milk.

. . .

And our hunger continues to grow.

Keep up the great work!

i've been reading this and keeping track of the thumbs up on it. i read at a rate of about 500 words per minute and the chapters are roughly 1000 words so roughly 2 minutes to a chapter. every time i have ticked over to a new chapter, there has been at least 1 more thumbs up. i think it's safe to say that if you were to come out of retirement permanently, people would love it.

edit: chapters are a lot shorter than that. means more thumbs faster. it's a good thing.

Who would win in a death battle? Chaos-powered Celestia, or Nightmare Luna with thousands of years more magical knowledge?

Her stutter is distressingly, adorably, terrifying.

If this is the end of your fan fiction career, it is a darn fine ending!

That was perfect... I wish there was more but if this is how you are going out. Bloody well done!


Incredible sequel.

Well done!

I think I need more. Like an extra chapter or a small fic set years/millennia ahead when things are slightly better. Princess Nightmare Moon and Princess Celestia are finally almost perfectly friendo again, and Lichlestia and Lichuna are past the "ima hurt you real bad" phase and are just rebuilding Equestria.... then we can have an Undead Equestria vs Equestria war! jk.


"Princess, I hope you won't mind me asking this, but why do you have a stutter?"
Celestia smiled. "You are n-not the first pony to ask that. You n-needn't worry about it."
"I've been researching it, and you don't seem to have any of the usual symptoms of a genetic stutter or even--"
"I can assure you, it is qu-quite a boring story. Just another piece of long-f-f-forgotten history." Celestia gestured towards the library doors. "Now co-come along, Twilight. We have to get s-s-started on this week's lesson."

So this is where car keys go when you take your eyes off them, and socks. Always the socks.

It must be added in end of this story!

“I am curious how you intend to return to your own timeline. Frankly, all the mechanics of this are confusing me,” the new Celestia said.

the new Celestia said.

The change happened suddenly, but Nightmoon Moon showed no surprise.


I have no regrets.

Superb dialogue and characterization as always. Looks like my favourites tab is getting a new addition.

Oh, hey, I just saw that artwork last night and the comments mentioning how it'd need a story. It's good to see a longer story giving it justice, I'll definitely give it a read now.

Liches again?

Sheesh, has no one EVER learned proper resurrection magic? It's not even that hard! :trixieshiftright:

Wait, did he just give her the power to create life from scratch?

Hey-la, CleverPun,

I tried to write something witty or amusing here, or even a sonnet as I sometimes do when I am particularly touched by a story. My Muse, however, was too busy processing the complexities of said story and its emotional impact.

This is a powerful piece. It moved me to to tears, and also reminded me of the spark of hope that lives within me. Further, it reinforced my personal choice to avoid holding onto pain or vengeance, and to seek reconciliation - or at least some form of peace - with those who have harmed me... at least, where such is a reasonable response. It isn't always, and that's okay, too.

Honestly, I don't know what more I can say than that this tale had a significant impact on me. I've become rather sparing in my marking of stories as Favorites, but it was an easy choice with this one. Thank you for creating and sharing it. :heart:

Light and laughter,

I managed to guess exactly where this was going about halfway through it, which in this case I think was an indication of it being well-designed.

My question is whether they will start over or simply resurrect everyone...:trixieshiftright:

7471556 I was just about to post something like this! You did it better though.

Jesus that sounds delicious and I don't even like wine.

MORE! :heart:
Also, as far as sequels go, this was AMAZING.

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