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Discord was defeated. Villains always are. It’s really quite cliché.

Before he lost, he asked himself a question: what if your virtues went out of control, rather than your flaws? Perhaps if the heroes and villains weren't so clear-cut, the conclusion wouldn't be so inevitable. If nothing else, there would be some fun chaos along the way!

Can the main six find a way to undo Discord's magic, in spite of themselves and each other?

Disclaimer; I have been working on this for a while, and the writing at the beginning is not as good as the writing later. Hopefully it is not too great of an impediment to the story.

Editing by Meta Four, ocalhoun, Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi, Sessalisk, Sereg, and JapaneseTeeth, all of whom are amazing. Go shower them with admiration!

Featured on Equestria Daily!

Alternate cover by sstwins! Unfortunately I couldn't use it since it compresses badly on fimfic, but still worth a look!

Google Docs version (contains unpublished/scrapped chapters and early drafts--if you're only interested in the finished product you can safely ignore this link)

Chapters (11)
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EDIT: "Ch 0: Chaos" has been cut for not adding enough to the story and for being boring.

Versions of it are still available in the google doc for the curious

SO far so good, Im liking this already. I read the prologue entirely in "his" voice. :)
Looking forward to the rest.

Nice plot, and did Discord use his powers to bestow common sense? Seems legit.

tracking just to know what will you do with Pinkie.:pinkiecrazy:

Hmm... I gotta say, this looks quite interesting. Definitely gonna keep track of this!:pinkiehappy:

let me get this..So discord "amplified" her elements? in a chaotic way ,huh

Great fic, but shouldn't this have an "alternate universe" tag?

Pinkie isn't until a few chapters in, look up "mania" if you're impatient though :pinkiecrazy::pinkiehappy::pinkiesad2:
Not really, it's a hypothetical that takes place sometime after season 2. I guess Ch. 0 takes place in season 2 episode 2, but it's not deviating from the the show in any, just filling a gap.

Ohhhh dear...

...watching this. :yay:

Hmm... you had me at Discord, lets see what 'presents' he left behind. Funny I am doing the same thing in a story I am working on. It just makes too much sense that Discord would know he was going to lose and leave some bits behind before he as zapped.

Ha, this is awesome. Manic Twi, Brutally honest Jack, and now clingy Dash. Can't wait to see what is next!

I can't think of words to describe this, so I will give you my reactions:

It's looking good so far. Loved how brutally honest Applejack was. Keep up the good work!


That is all I will say about that chapter.

I can't wait for the others.

So tell me, why do you release a fic BEFORE the editor is done? Or to make it more WTF, before he has recieved the fic?

'cause my last editor wasn't punctual, and because I like attention?

Iwas sad when Project Saturation was canceled, but now I got this to read. Its all okay. :twilightsmile:

Never heard of it 'till you mentioned it, but thanks! :pinkiehappy:

Hooray for update. Love me some Clingy Dash. Just glue yourself to AJ and you will be all set.

“Easy there, Clingy. Bad enough I agreed to hold your sweaty hand through half of Ponyville.”

“Yeah, no kidding!” Dash draped her arm over AJ’s shoulders as she agreed.

I believe that should be 'hoof' and 'foreleg', respectively.

Thanks for the note. Arm is a totally legitimate synonym for foreleg, I'm told, but the "hand" is a definite derp on my part- fixed

Spike, you're gonna have to fix this...

Clingy Dash is even better here than she was in the first draft.

Clingy Dash. New headcannon get.
(Mistake made on purpose)

Their all quite, quite mad. Hooray!

"Too much of a good thing."
That saying applies perfectly to this fic. I wonder how long before Spike finally writes to Celestia. Probably after he sees all of the Mane 6 afflictions.

They're mostly fine, though their breath smells horrible. :pinkiesick:

I was going to reference a letter at the end of this chapter but I didn't want to bog it down - it shows up in the next one.

Oh, this cannot end well. Rarity...

Looks like Fluttershy hasn't changed at all. :trollestia:

This story is amazing! You did a great job keeping the Mane 6 (or really mane 4) in character, even if their personalities are magnified! :yay::ajsmug::rainbowlaugh::twilightsmile:

Whoah. Your name is cleverpun, and mine is somethingclever. It's like we both couldn't think of anything clever, so we put something referencing that as our usernames, which in turn made the inability to think of something clever into something clever.

Oh god, Pinkie! Jesus, that's going to be horrible. I mean, Rarity's going to be one ball of wax, but an overdose of happiness, combined with Pinkie's natural predisposition towards physics-breaking...

My god, they're all going to die.

Great to see that you got this up on EQD. Looking forward to future chapters. :pinkiecrazy:

Gratz on the EQD spot, dude. You've earned it.

Applejack! Applejack! Big Macintosh got caught stealing Twilight's Smartypants doll! He needs your advice!


Oh dear... Discord would be proud... :facehoof:

Rainbow Dash is now AJ's bitch, whether she wants one or not. xD

I think Applejack is confusing "Honesty" with "Bitch", also loyal RD is best RD.

“Well, that’s an unsettlin’ sentiment—almost as unsettlin’ as the way Dash is caressin’ my coat!” and that line is the reason I'm cleaning canada dry from my monitor and keyboard :rainbowlaugh:

huh. I while back, I had this exact same Idea.
nah, it's cool. you've done this a lot better then I ever would.

I read the first four chapters. It's just so amazing to see four of the six main ponies have their personalities magnified to ludicrous levels, just as their personalities went the opposite directions in Return of Harmony. Twilight becomes more obsessed with studying; Applejack is the pony-equivalent of Simon Cowell and Gordon Ramsay: Brutally honest, almost to a fault; Rainbow is as much clingy to her friends as a gamer is to Call of Duty or World of Warcraft; and Fluttershy is putting too much of herself behind her friends' well-beings. And, in the next two chapters, Pinkie Pie will probably laugh herself and others around her to death (hopefully, not literally, though), while Rarity would give everything in her shop to charity, even the stuff she might need to make a living, like dresses to make and sell, or food on the plate!

And Celestia watches from Canterlot, munching popcorn... :trollestia:

1829272 But the description says this is Discord's fault. Though that might still hold true (in a Narcissistic way).
This is a great story so far, flanderizing their elements to the extreme. I'm worried how this affects Pinkie and Rarity. 1830728's guess sounds accurate.

One of these magical virus's!?


I better break out Rule Breaker just in case. . .

The Corrosive Creature of the Caustic Caverns?

I recommend a Jakobs shotgun. Or possibly a Maliwan SMG. Those are always good.

1830779 Trollestia has struck again! :trollestia:

And wonderful story. Rather than finding ways to overpower (like NMM) or reverse (like Discord 1st time), he's actually increasing their personalities.

And Clingdash is best Dash.

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