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The Cutie Mark Crusaders decide to ask ponies around town where they got their cutie marks, specifically Rarity, who has perhaps the most profound, odd cutie mark of all. On their quest to figure out how a unicorn became a weatherpony, however, they encounter many of the other ponies who have odd tales of their own to share. How did Pinkie Pie join the Apple Family? How did Rainbow Dash become an animal caretaker? Why is Applejack a fashion designer? How did Twilight become Celestia’s student? What made Fluttershy decide to dedicate her life to bringing joy to others? And how did Rarity become a weatherpony, a role so outside a unicorn’s skillset? It may be that everything in Equestria is not kind and peaceful after all.

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They're looking for a cannon in the show, two n's. Good story so far.

Oh, this is both adorable and tragic. Everypony's parents keep dying! But the Apples adopting Pinkamena is really sweet. It seems that instead of the Sonic Rainboom, the influential event in everypony's lives is a dragon attack? Scary.

Seeing Pinkamena with the foal Apple Bloom is lovely, too. She really is great with kids.

:pinkiesad2: Can't wait for the next chapter :pinkiehappy:

Huh. So the spell copy-pasted an alternate reality onto Ponyville, and you are writing about how each of them acquired these marks, in said AU? Awesome!
You do, of course, realize that by the time you are done with your 60,000 word epic, everyone, including yourself, will want to see the Mane 6 succeed even though their destinies are all screwed up.
"Instant Plot Resolution! - Just Add Twilicorn!" = Bad! A proper happy ending for this sad universe is crucial!
That being said, COMMENCE READ! :rainbowdetermined2:

I wasn't expecting something good. Bravo! Bravo!!

Oh this route? At first it was going to be about the mane6 giving their Elements to the CMC. :twilightblush:

Oh...my...GOSH... :fluttercry:
That was...
When I first saw the Season 3 finale, I thought it was so stupid. A contrived, ridiculous premise with no rhyme or reason. It didn't help that the episode couldn't go more than 25 seconds without a song.
But that...that was so emotional, so powerful, I just...damn...
Seems like I don't have to worry about those "happy endings," huh? :pinkiesmile: I look forward to the next parts. In fact, might I ponder some theories?
Rainbow Care loses the race, and is saved from slamming into the ground at Mach 0.8 by butterflies.
Fluttercheer tries to cheer up a dejected Rainbow after her failure.
Orangejack finds a home in Manehatten, similar to the Pony POV series by alexwarlorn.
Rarity (her name reminds unchanged because her talent at weather is a "rarity") rescues her school play from a downpour that would have cancelled it.
And Apple Pie discovers a new family in an apple orchard. :eeyup:

I feel like maybe this was a little too long. I ended up getting bored a few times and skipping a few parts, actually. You probably could have cut out about half of this and actually had a greater emotional impact without delving into all the little details.

Please continue this! I need more headcanon.

Some grammar issues:

The foal lied down groggily,

Pinkamena as she noticed what lied at the center.

Both should be lay

Comment posted by Dusty Chance deleted May 12th, 2013

These are not tears. That's liquid brain pouring out my eyes because it was crushed by the ridiculous amount of feels brought on by this story.

Pre read comment: whats so weird about Rarity being a weatherpony? According to canon Canterlot don't have pegasus weatherponies, they use unicorn magic to work the weather.

Reference: Winter Wrap Up. "Can't you use your magic to fix the weather like in Canterlot? " -Spike

Oh, this is just amazing. More please!!:heart:

I'm definitely eager to see how the rest of the Mane 6's lives play out in their new roles in town with their new cutie marks

Keep up the good work. XD

Huh, so the cutie mark swap spell not only altered their cutie marks, but everyone's memories of them as well?

Pinkie is best pony.

I wonder if anybody wonders how Pinkie has not been able to get better at the Apple bucking part of the business. In the show you could say that it was due to Pinkie still having a body used to making baked goods rather than farming but in this history she retains that body even though she will be a farmer for a while. Granted I think from what we see in the show that she should be able to do better than what she does in that episode (what with the feats of strength and agility that she has done) but I think rule of funny applies to Pinkie even in her alternate life and/or without her special powers (such as Pinkie sense which you seem to make clear she does not possess at least currently) she has more trouble than she would farming as her "normal" self.

I love these stories. Oddly at times I thought you were trying to insinuate that Big Mac had taken a particular liking to Pinkie and that she was going to (eventually) join the Apple family by marriage rather than adoption. I like the little foreshadowing you put in for the other characters. I am sad that the Pinkie story is over but I look forward to more.

The thought you have put into this is really great! I can't wait to read more. :3

Haha, I've been waiting for a story to be made about the alternate Cutie Marks, and it's turning out to be just as good as I hoped. :3
As such, I bequeath to thee, the prestigious Moustache of Excellence. :moustache:
Wear it with pride, good sir!

P.S. I noticed a spelling error, you forgot the 'e' at the end of a word. I lost track of it, can't be bothered to find it again without Ctrl+F (reading on my Wii U gamepad). It's there though, somewhere. Not sure, but I think it was the word 'here' ended up as 'her'. Just letting you know.


Whereas Spike did say that, it isn't really directly contradictory to saying it's odd for a Unicorn to have a cutie mark in weather control. Basically, while it may not be unique, it is most certainly rare(ity).

Also, Rarity's story hasn't come up yet, so stay tuned. :raritywink:

(I'm the writer, just so you know.)

Your writing is definitely not bad. But there are still a number of mistakes you let fall through. This one happened twice, and irked me the most:

A momentous wave of sadness washed over Pinkamena as she noticed what lied at the center.

You mean 'lay.' I don't remember what the exact difference between lay and lie is, but you might want to look it up.

I am a muffin sexual and your name is offensive to my monogamous lifestyle.


Glad you liked it. We all worked really hard making this fanfic a reality, and we're not stopping anytime soon! I'm fond of pondering too. The creator and I (the writer) have incredible things lying in wait.


I wrote this, and sorry. It appears to be somewhat of a common problem so far, but we can fix it. Your input is very appreciated though, and these mistakes will not be made again.

I'm happy I'm sad.
God this feel so confusing, but in a good way.
Well played sir, well payed.
I look forward to more of your work!:pinkiesad2:


You lay down an object . "I Iay down my weapons".

People lie down.

Oddly body parts seem to be considered an object for this purpose "I lay my head down to sleep".


Because these are false memories, perhaps? After all, Apple Bloom is noticing wrongness in the story.


Possibly it depends on how this author wants to treat this. I have seen stories were this actually was a temporary time change and in others all that changed was their marks but history did not change.

False memories would lean towards time change but in a time change are they really false? We could also have a situation were the history has changed but their current physical bodies did not except for their marks.

Most likely reason still is rule of funny when it comes to Pinkie. If she could do everything on the farm then there would be no conflict. I also think it was not so much the farm work giving her trouble but her lack of having fun while doing it that was the problem. The normal Pinkie would be able to have fun and could probably find miraculous ways of getting stuff done but this Pinkie can't for she has never awakened her joy within. She is just a normal pony trying to do something she was not born to do in a society that really likes holding to a destiny.

Two families dying is not 'everypony's' dying.

This is so beautiful! :pinkiesad2:
Not only it's well written, it's also got depth. :ajsleepy:
Though some grammar mistakes can be found, that's normal for any writer. :ajsmug:
I'm glad you wrote this piece of literature. :twilightsheepish:
This idea has been here for a long time, and yet you're the first to write one that I manage to find. :pinkiecrazy:
Good show, and I expect more to come.

Oooh, a mashup of The Cutie Mark Chronicles and Magical Mystery Cure. What a great idea!

Some thoughts that flowed through my head: Did Rartiy kill Pinkie's familiy? She really shouldn't have done that. Wait... Beastly roar and horrible flames? That wasn't the work of the worst weather pony in all history: It was Spike, wasn't it‽ And by the transitive property of it being Twilight's damned fault, Twilight!
In related news, the spoiler tag on FimFiction is apparently easy and intuitively obvious.

The trees had no fruit, only pinecones and sap.

What would Trixie do in a situation like this...

apple pie... how come i never thought of that? and did apple bloom just randomly forget about applejack?

2572209 The idea itself of an Alicorn Twilight isn't necessarily a bad thing. The concept was the most badass thing ever pre-season 3. :rainbowdetermined2: I just found myself openly shaking my head at the finale. I mean, Tara Strong had maybe two lines of dialogue in the entire episode, and the rest was Rebecca Shoichet singing song after song for 20 minutes. :ajbemused: (No offense to her, but I really can't handle more than one an episode...) But I BELIEVE IN M.A. LARSON as well, mostly due to a clip of adorkable Twilight learning how to fly. So, yeah. :twilightsmile:
That said, the whole mess with the cutie marks felt like a gimmick to give Twilight wings...and put in another song. Hence my comment.
That said, Alicorn Twilight is still the most badass thing ever. I just wanted to dissuade the author from the idea because I hadn't read the story yet and still thought the story took place in canon. Since that is no longer the case (we can call this the Cutieverse! Or the Destinyverse! Or some other name that doesn't sound like it was stolen from a Barbie movie! :facehoof:), I now look forward to seeing how Twilight retains her cutie mark in magic.
...and possibly gets wings. LOLOLOL :trollestia:


The writer here.

This is a telling of what Cutie Mark Chronicles would have been like in the alternate universes where the Mane 6 had switched destinies. Alicorn Twilight is far off in the future, and will have little to do with the story, so no need to worry about that. (Your cutieverse name is pretty cool though, haven't thought of a name for the AU).

Needless to say, we do have a Twilight Story planned, and it will have just as much intrigue as any of these. :twilightsmile:


In related news, the spoiler tag on FimFiction is apparently easy and intuitively obvious.

:pinkiegasp: I finally figured it out!!! Thank you so much for inspiring me to actually try instead of just looking it up with Google. I couldn't find any information about it. Is it some kind of secret or something?

This is a concept so simple and wonderful that I'm amazed I haven't already seen it. Can't wait to see the rest of them!

This actually made me cry! :fluttercry: :pinkiesad2: :applecry:

This is beyond words, absolutely amazing.
5/5 mustaches.

State our observations:
- Rainbow is going all Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls.
- Why isn't she trying out for the Wonderbolts? Because she thinks they're a load of jerks who like to hurt birds.

Conclusion: Story continues to be awesome; Jim Carrey also.

She ignored its judging gaze, and tried once more to ascend the tree, and failed once more as a result. She was not deterred, and tried again. Her effort was fruitless.

Her failed efforts to get apples were fruitless? I see what you did there.

Okay I get the dragon is the main reason why everyone's cutie marks will be different but I still have a question. What caused RD to notice Fluttershy falling this time around? Up to this point wasn't everything still the same as the show or was there something that caught her attention that wasn't there before? Just curious is all.

Anyway I'm really enjoying this so far even if all the stories are sad and painful. Keep it up and happy writing and all that. :twilightsmile:

She looks haggard and panicked, and carries a squirrel with her that looks just as bad.

1. Shouldn't it be carried?

2734129 I believe the point that she noticed was when she was tackled by one of the colts who skirted the track and dashed (no pun intended) forward but noticed Fluttershy out of the corner of her eye and changed directions.

Scootaloo calling Rainbow Dash a loser?
You monster!


The later event isn't the only thing that is central to the differences in destinies. The lack of the sonic rainboom is very important as well, and it is to be assumed that the whole scenario is different because destiny is meddling with every event.

The entirety of the present scenes are written in present tense, as opposed to the past tense flashbacks.

To her admonishment


Though faint, she could her cries


this is boss and i need more of it, like a drug

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