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Now the program has been opened, the keyboard pulled from it's sheathe, words are typed and offer (mental) sustenance, a fate I must abide! (Gravemind voice)


Time; one of the most sacred and fragile laws of the galaxy. However, this fragile rule is broken by Rose when she looks into the heart of the Tardis, giving her the powers of a goddess. Unfortunately, the amount of power she channels through her body burns her up, sending her to Equestria. Can she find a way home, and more importantly, learn how to truly protect those around her?
HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE WARNING: There are major spoilers for the ninth Doctor if you haven't finished him yet. If you have not reached the tenth Doctor yet, I would not suggest reading this story.
However, other than that, enjoy!

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 101 )

Sounds like a good idea.

Wait, so, The Time Vortex turned Rosé into a Lycan when she entered Equestria? What?

3137515 Perhaps. But it may have been from her viewing herself as Bad Wolf, so the Time Vortex turned her into something appropriate.

Oh boy, a DW crossover, and with rose! I now have a need to see where this goes!

Wow, I just finished all the ninth doctor episodes yesterday!:twilightsheepish:
This is a great idea, seeing as I just started watching doctor who and finished season one yesterday.
Very well written, and even how much I force my brain, I can't find anything negative or wrong that could be fixed, well, except that one part where Twilight fell out of the bed, you used "feet" to count the lenght. Now don't get me wrong on this one, but I think you should have used metres instead?:rainbowderp:
Anyhow, continue writing this, and don't let them trolls/haters get you down! You have talent, my friend, use it well.:twilightsmile:

3137574 Yeah, to be honest, I still feel Rose has been the best companion so far, but I haven't seen the Classical Doctor Who yet. However, I am working on it. From what I've seen, Sarah Jane is pretty cool.

3137577 Many thanks! It was pretty late in the afternoon when I wrote the second half of this story, so I was rather tired, but I had to write it while it was fresh in my mind. I have great plans for this fic! Even if it doesn't do as well as my others.

You have just Bad Wolf'ed the Bad Wolf.

Bad Wolf Bad Wolf Bad Wolf Bad Wolf.

"What does it mean?"

"It's the end of the universe!"

You have done something dangerous, you started writing something that the very concept of will easily catch people's attention. If you don't update regularly, you will end up having a lot of people pissed. If you DO update regularly, you will be loved.

Best classic who companion: Leela (complete with jungle girl costume, meowww!), closely followed by K-9 and Romana. Sarah Jane gets kudos for being the companion of both 3 and 4, but she was less a protagonist and more like an official observer in the Doctor's series, it wasn't until her own series that she showed she'd definitively grown from her experiences though. NewWho Sarah Jane is infinitely better than oldWho Sarah Jane.

This story is magnificent! When will the next chapter be released?

I :heart: this story! I'm looking forward to the next chapter:pinkiehappy:

3138498 Holy smokes! To be honest, I didn't expect everyone to love this story so much. However, I'm going to get started on a new chapter right away!

3138547 I'm interested and I've never really even watched dr who

How could you say all those names!!!
The best campanion is the Tardis! Then comes all those like Sarah Jane!

Shouldn't this have the Rose tag?

Also, that pic kinda makes the spoiler warning irrelevant.

3142146 What Rose tag? If you mean Roseluck, then I never actually intended to have her in this story, maybe with a small mention, but that's it.

But... they're the same character. Just like how that blue unicorn with the hourglass on her flank is Romana.

3142425 Lol, I know, but I decided to tae a different route with this one, and make it Bad Wolf, thus, making her a wolf.

I like this so I will leave you with two options:
1- Receive praise from someone you are likely to never see, hear, but will get the opinion of through the internet.
2- Piss off someone you'll never know.
You can guess how to get which.
I personally hope for the former.

Meh, she started to tick me off toward the end. Mostly that's because I had some... issues with Ten, and her fangirling over him got really annoying.

Companions are supposed to be the Doctor's Morality Chain, the people who tell him off when he crosses the line, but most of the Tenth Doctor's were too busy fawning over him to tell him he was being a prat. Except Donna, Donna was awesome. That seems to have improved since He Who Feeds On Fear took over as showrunner though.

Anywho, rant over. Looking good so far, although to be fair, half of it is straight from The Parting of the Ways. Looking forward to see where this is going, please don't let this one die. :raritydespair:

Won't the time vortex just kill her again? I thought only a Timelord could actually hold that kind of power and live.

3143885 Well, not even a timelord, since that's the reason he has to regenerate. But don't worry, because I actually plan to bring that up again at some point.

Not really, Fluttershy always seems to forget being shy whenever there's an animal to take care of.

Looks like Twilight hasn't made the connection between her dream and the names Rose and Bad Wolf yet. Understandable, she's had a stressful few hours, but I wonder when and if it'll come back to her.

Edit: One small nitpick: wolves aren't completely carnivorous, they supplement their diet with plants, especially fruits like berries.

You can't just leave me with a cliffhanger.
Not like this.
The suspense is almost killing me.
Like, falling from great height killing me.
(Yeah, I know. I'm bad with puns.)

3148985 Oh ok! Thanks! Now that you've told me, of course I remember reading that from several different books...:ajbemused:

3149055 Well, I just did

Nooooooo, It's another cliffhanger...:fluttercry:

3150013 By talk, do you mean have it from her point of view? If so, then yes. If you mean physically, then most likely not for awhile. Since she was turned into a wolf, I decided that I would throw a partial language barrier into it.

Hmm. Some grammatical errors (mostly missing the capital letter in "Twilight"), story hasn't yet reached critical mass, but has potential to do so.

Judgement: Too early to accurately review.

3151887 Gah! I continually went back and capitalized the word Twilight so many times too! Darn! Oh well, I'll make sure to properly proofread in the future.



This is very very promising. ALWAYS ask for criticism and don't be afraid to receive harsher types of criticism.(as long as they make some kind of point and aren't meaningless rambles of stupidity)

It helps a lot when you want to know just what you may be doing wrong in a story.

I see nothing wrong so far, buuut- I told you the above because I'm really starting to like this. And it would suck if halfway through the story, it suddenly went to dumbland.. I have had that happen once. and it scarred me for life...(not really)

Honestly... I don't think I'll ever forget Cultural Artifacts... And that's not exactly a good thing. XD

3153101 Thanks for the advice! I always try to make sure to ask for criticism with all of my stories so I know what I have been doing wrong and to see what I can do better.


3153042 That is so bad....... :fluttershysad::pinkiesad2::fluttershysad:

3166218 It's not bad! It's Bad Wolf!:rainbowdetermined2:


i think fluttershy did good shes doing ok she does live in a cottage filled with animals so i think shed be ok around animals

If Rose is in a different universe now, does she still see everything in Equestria? I would think not because the time vortex in her head came from her universe, and therefore she can only see everything in her own universe with it.

3168554 Right now? She's about as powerful as any ther wolf with the mind of a human. he time vortex is there, it's just... somewhere else. I do have a plan for this though.

This is new, I like it.

As I am a Doctor Who Fan, I died after reading the title

3248314 Lol. Is that a good thing, or a bad thing?

Of course a good thing! Rose Tyler my second favorite companion in the show, behind Amy Pond. Rose is sooooo bad-ass in the show :raritystarry:

The first line in the next chapter should be "Tell me something I don't know". :rainbowlaugh:

Rose seems to be fine when she isn't using her power, but in pain when she is. Maybe she will have to keep it all locked up, or else she will die from it.

so will bad things from the dark side of big bad equastria want rose now if they find out about this fact? o man does this mean celestia has to hide rose now thanks to her powers?

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