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Some would call it the end of ponykind.

Northern Lights was determined to make it otherwise.

Living in the shambles of what was once Equestria, the daughter of esteemed Wonderbolts Rainbow Dash and Spitfire is forced to spill her own blood daily to protect what remains of her race. Bandits roam, disease spreads, and horrifying beasts stalk the night. But a spark of hope is ignited when Ponyville's best tech genius discovers an unconventional use for unicorn magic- only to be extinguished when she dies mysteriously. But the fire's been started already, and now it's a race against time to discover the secrets of the G.E.N.E.S.I.S device and liberate ponykind... before they destroy themselves. And the one pony that holds the key, within her painful memories of her friends' deaths, is Northern Lights.

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Oh look. You go onto FiMfiction and the first thing up is the story you've been waiting for.

whens the next chapter? cant wait for it :rainbowkiss:

How did Dash and Spitfire have a foal...? Because... never mind... I don't think I want to know...

Do you have permission of creator...? Wait. Are you creator?? :pinkiegasp: I thought she quit Genesis and everything?

EDIT: This is beautiful. Well done. *applause* Tracked, liked, and so on. You might want to post that family tree that was floating around so people will be less confused?

Really...? I don't remember that one... well... ok then.

Are you the creator?! Or did you steal it...?

Well in the comic Rainbow Dash is a guy.

Ahhh... well, I didn't read it. Now I know, and thankyou.


That is Coyote

Can't wait for it. It still makes me sad to think about what won't be, though. I can't stay mad at you, however, for all the amazing things you've introduced me to, such as Homestuck.

" I'm mainly saying this because many older fans of the comic have contacted me asking what the hell was going on." That was a shot at me, wasn't it? lol HeroofTime2195

I'm gonna go with something like this: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/18786/Field-Notes-on-Alicorn-Reproductive-Behavior , but it isn't random. Instead I would assume Unicorns can help ponies to change between genders... Imma get off this topic now XD

Tater's gonnna :applecry: ... and Chroma lost her :fluttershysad: ... Lights and Spitfire have :pinkiesad2:

And you're making this the prologue :pinkiecrazy:

.... Immagonnakeepwatchingthis


I think they gave up on the comic but not the story

1065004 I read the comic, so I know HOW it happened... Oh, btw: GIT YER MIND OUT OF THE GUTTER!

This is how it worked: Celestia blessed them (and if I remember correctly: Twilight and Pinkie too.).

I hope that was a pritty good explanation.

1189303 Sadly they did. And I only just found out the comic was turned into a story on Fimfiction. I almost threw my computer out of the window.


It is an interesting concept, and I can wait to read more when its ready. I wish you good luck in your writing.:pinkiesmile:

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