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This is a small group I've made to share the best of the best stories I've read, many you will no doubt know, some you might not. This is purely subjective, but if you know a story that deserves to be in this group, please add it to the 'Nominees' folder and I will see if it should be promoted.
Some points to keep in mind:
Stories which include sex no matter how heavy or graphic is fine, so long as it's for the purpose of driving the plot. Stories which are clop for the sake of clop are not fine.
There is a fine line between comedy and troll-fics, the former being the preferable one.
Ideally one shots and completed fics are preferred as it is easier to make an overall assessment on those than stories which are on going, however it is not a rule and incomplete fics are still welcome.
Finally if you add a particularly long story to the 'Nominees' folder, then keep in mind it will take time to read it thoroughly.

One last point (not entirely related to the group), I'm also available for proofreading and editing, simply PM me and I will provide what help I can, the rules above do not necessarily apply for these.

I haven't been able to give this site, let alone this group much attention as of late, as a result I am now bogged down on stories I need to read. So until I can get caught up I'm closing the 'nominees' folder, any stories already there may stay until I can get around to reading them.
Similarly I will not be available for editing or proofreading as I don't have the time what with summer behind us and university beginning again.

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Thank you to superpony55 for recommending Wittle Woona and Cewestia's Day Off, unfortunately I have decided it is not suited for this group

Margaret Thatcher following her victory in the 1979 election: "Where there is discord, may we bring harmony"
Twilight Sparkle approves :twilightsmile:

A massive thank you to Drizzle Quill for recommending The Games We Play, it brings me the greatest pleasure to be able to move it into the 'Legendary' folder where I implore everyone to seek it out as it is truly one incredible read :pinkiehappy:

Thank you to Dash Attack for recommending My Mortal Big Brother, unfortunately I have decided it is not suited for this group

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