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Receiving negative comments from me? · 7:02pm May 1st, 2014

If you are one of the many, many people who have received a negative comment from me on one of your stories, and you're currently stalking my profile to complain to me about it, then allow me to make a very general statement in the hopes that you will get off my back...

I don't care.

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It was a fun ride while it lasted · 11:07am Apr 17th, 2016

(Just skip to the last paragraph if you want to get the run down of this blog without reading through all the fluff)

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If you ever come back, message me, we need to talk.

And in the end, Reeve's pessimism finally got the better of him. His greatest strength was his greatest weakness, and by following his strength, he eventually fell into obscurity and out from the fandom. A true tragedy for the ages.

He often gave snarky and negative feedback, but it was a cold splash of reality compared to the raging fires of stupidity often given out by others.

Rest in peace, and whereever real life takes you, remember this: The fandom will always be the same, with or without you.

Oh dear. Well that's embarrassing. :applecry: I really am sorry. It won't forever languish, though, I promise you!

P.S. Your question is in Week 7. Week 5 still needs to be worked on some. That's the main reason why you haven't seen yours yet; I only answer four questions a chapter (sometimes five if there's a really short one).

2164126 You know I appreciate that you send that message to everyone who favourites your story, but you actually commented the exact same thing 94 weeks ago when I originally favourited your story, I even commented a question on your story when you first published it. I actually moved your story from my favourites bookshelf, to my discontinued favourites bookshelf, where I put stories I don't expect to see updated again

Hey! Hey you!

Thanks for subscribing to The Ponyville Gazette! I hope you'll enjoy it, especially my advice!

Smile on~!

P.S. Thanks for the fave! :pinkiehappy: I'll try and update this soon! I keep getting writer's block, which is why it's so long between updates. Sorry about that!

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