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FAQ: Dash's Secret · 12:20pm Feb 4th, 2013

Hi, everypony! In response to all of the wonderful feedback and support I’ve been getting about Dash’s Secret, I thought I would write a few words answering some of the most commonly asked questions about the story.

Where did you get the idea for this story? Why Rainbow Dash in particular?

Because she has a squeaky voice that makes her sound like a boy.

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About HopeFox

Hi! I'm Hopefox. I'm a 32-year-old male optical engineer living in Sydney, Australia with my two girlfriends and two cats. I'm not normally much of a writer, but am an avid reader, and both run and play in a number of tabletop and online roleplaying games.

I love My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, simple as that. I love all of the characters and am always hanging out eagerly for the next episode. My favourite character is Rarity, although there's not much between them - they're all fantastically written and acted. My favourite episode is Best Night Ever, both for the song and for the development and disillusionment it gives to all six mane characters.

I write the characters as I imagine they would act outside the constraints of a children's television show. This frees them to be involved with romance, sex, violence, sickness and death, but it doesn't change their personalities or identities. Thus, in my stories, you may read about Pinkie Pie as a shameless sex maniac or Twilight Sparkle as a reclusive virgin with a penchant for erotic romance novels, but you won't read about Rarity as a raging homophobe or Pinkie Pie as a serial killer. If I want to write about characters with those personalities, I won't base them on canonical characters who don't suit the part.

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Faithful God bless. God loves you, now and forever.

Just found some of your work. You still alive around here? I really like what I have seen so far.

Hey there, HopeFox. I was kinda worried you'd be gone for good, since you'd been away for, like, a week or so.

Well, one of the reasons I looked was because of the introduction of Zephyr Breeze in the show, Fluttershy's brother. A Pegasus—one with a rather, er, 'interesting' character. I kept thinking how much he would fit the idea of a Brotherverse, you see. And heck, he might be Fluttershy's younger brother, but he's a head taller than her! So, physically, he is indeed her big brother.

The main problem would be that he and Blueblood have some overlap, in the 'overbearing man-colt' department. What do you think?

2026561 I hope so too! I've been somewhat preoccupied with RL matters of late, and my current work in progress is The Fury of the Reindeer (rated M, so you might not have seen it), but I am working on things.

I hope you get back to your stories. I know it has been a while. But I love your stoires and don't want to see them die.

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