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Rainbow Dash is a well-known pegasus mare in Ponyville, but her parents know her as a colt, Sonic Dash. When they come to visit, she must confront both her parents and her friends with the truth of her identity. Will her parents accept her as their daughter instead of their son, and how will her friends handle the secret she has kept from them for so long? A story about family, gender identity, growing up with the wrong body, and, of course, friendship.

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Absolutely fantastic. I haven't seen an origin story like this before, and it was really touching. Great job!

I've read this story before, and it is marvelous. It touches on so many levels both personally and generally. I especially like:
*Pinkie and gender identity. She does what she does best.
*So do Rarity. Her figuring out fits so well with her character from the show - her attention to detail, her job, and a "secondary facet" of how I think of her cutie mark: she can see the beauty in things, and that means she can see people's nature as well.
*Applejack's anger; when showing people reacting to a secret of this kind, especially something that touches areas such gender identity or sexuality, it is fairly common to show them reacting badly because they are bad people, but Applejack's reaction is perfectly understandable, and her trying to accept things seems realistic.

Really good fanfic

I dont like the idea of make rainbow a stallion but it really works the story.

A great story-and original! There aren't that many good short stories around nowadays.:pinkiehappy::raritywink:

I read this on FanFiction.net. Very emotional, dramatic little read! Great way that each of her friends handled it, and the whole action scene near the end was great as well.

This was a good and well written fanfic. I only have a few complaints, but to me at least the first one is pretty huge.

"Sire and Dame". Seriously? Why? It makes no sense what so ever. "Father and Mother" are perfectly fine and species neutral words. There is such a thing as taking "ponyfying" language too far. This choice not only hit that barrier, it shattered it and threw a rainbow light of ridicule on this entire fanfic.

I just couldn't take the fanfic seriously after reading that the first time, despite you otherwise handling a delicate issue rather well.

What I thought was the weakest when looking to the actual story, it has to be the ending. It lead up to it nicely, but then it all feels rather abrupt, giving little time for introspection or feeling. The whole bit on having her impress her dad by fighting off a big storm that conveniently comes in Right when it was needed felt awfully cliché as well.

Oh well, I do hope you'll write more stories in the future. This is but my not so humble opinions anyway :).

Rainbow Dash: Man enough to be a woman.
Very few can be that manly.

I have one comment -- that comes from "http://www.housepetscomic.com/2008/08/06/i-planned-this-joke-for-an-awful-long-time/" originally...

How could the other five of the Mane Six not know? They're naked all the time!

gender identity? Whey to spoil so of it.:facehoof:

I find it hard to believe that she'd be able to keep her identity a secret seeing as how SHE WOULD HAVE BALLS AND A SHEATH!

As a bicuriuous male, i found this an amazing read :pinkiehappy:

I can never look at Rainbow Dash the same way, and Im glad


She explained it as a tumor. The other ponies didn't ask other questions. :rainbowwild:

...Leaving a whole bunch of questions that don't need to be answered. :raritywink:

No offense intended but what country are you from because I've never heard anybody call their parents by Sire and Dam. I've also never heard Spike referred to as "Master Spike"

18182 rofl this

Very well written, my only complaint is that the words 'sire' and 'dame' were hard to catch onto at the start. But, this is a fresh idea, and you executed it well!

Why god why?!?! Bronies Should of left :rainbowhuh: gender alone

awwww, that's just too adorable.
Although I would have liked an ending where Twilight found the spell to grant Rainbow's wish.

Oddly enough, I have always figured that the Rainbow's tail and mane were a dye job. I blame this pic. fc04.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2011/113/2/5/rainbow_secret_by_don_komandorr-d3enmqv.jpg

Great job here.

That was incredible. :pinkiehappy:

The only regret I have is that there was no apple dash...now THAT would have made the ending interesting! (and explain why Aj was so mad)

Very nice and interesting. Well written, synchronized, detailed, emotional, and original. I honestly have no complaints.

Sorry to comment twice, but i just had to share this amazing coincodence :pinkiehappy:

So, the day i read this fic i was thinking about the whole transgender thing. It confused me, and i didn't really 'get' it. Anyway, i was browsing Netflix on my xbox, and i see this movie called 'Boys Don't Cry'.... and its about a transgender man (biologicly a woman) getting into a relationship with a girl. The entire time i couldn't get this fic out of my head! If you enjoyed this fic, do yourself a favor and watch that movie. Simply incredible!:rainbowkiss:

Then in this story...Rainbow Dash is technically not gay...
I am so lost for words right now. :rainbowhuh:

But it's well written and you don't see stories like these quite often!


Thank you! (And thank you to all the other commenters too, there will be other replies soon!) I do love that picture, and the story that was posted with it on Equestria Daily.

I've changed this story from Complete to Incomplete, as I've decided that I do want to continue it (especially in light of such enthusiastic feedback!). I think I'll write a prequel chapter or two, describing Sonic's realisation of her gender identity and her attempts to pass at flight school, and then get on to a sequel for Twilight's inevitable discovery of a spell to help Rainbow (as if she wouldn't find one!). I can't say when it'll be published, but it will happen! Thank you everypony for your feedback and criticism, it's wonderful to be read by so many of you.


I heartily second this - "Boys Don't Cry" is an excellent movie, both as a portrayal of transgender difficulties in society, and in general. I think I had it in mind a little bit as I wrote this. On a similar note, I recommend listening to and watching "Real Men" by Joe Jackson, which I definitely had in mind while I wrote this story. I'm glad my writing could get you thinking in this way.

Amazing,truly amazing. Dash as a stallion? Why not! Its make a lot more sense now,but still Im used to tomboyish Dash than a real boy :rainbowlaugh: But story is so great that I give it 5 stars immediatly.

I've never had my heart broken by a fanfic that spoke directly to my life, my hopes, my wishes and fears, my experiences... I don't know who you are, but thank you, and I wish so much there were a way I could reach you and thank you in a way that could make you understand how much this meant to me <3

Sire and Dame bugged me a lot.
I don't get why Stallions can't have Rainbow coloured hair. :rainbowderp:

I cant look at dash the same..

Great story it was one of my favorites and I love the stories with the letter to Princess Celestia in them. vary well done.

I liked the story, and the premise. That being said, like others pointed out, a balls and sheath are hard to hide naked. Now if she had a magical illusion on her most of the time, sure, I can believe that.

I don't normally read mlp fan fiction, but I saw a link on Reddit and decided to check it out.
Am I ever glad I did! This is very powerful storytelling indeed! It occurs to me that this would
make a great episode of the show. Well Done!


Aww. I think you already have. Comments like this are what make writing really worthwhile. If you know anyone else who could enjoy it the way you have, please pass it on!

Great story, though I do agree with the "One glance at RD's backside would raise some questions"

:rainbowderp: "Uh... it's a tumor?"

Ha ha ha wow, I did not see that coming as RD's secret. I just figured it was another "closeted Rainbow Dash" thing. Nice one.

Interesting story. I must say I did not expect that twist, but it felt a little bit awkward.

Actually, no offense but for the first time while reading a fanfic I felt like just stopping in the middle of it and not continue reading it. But the story itself was very well written, thus I kept on going.

I really think you are able of writing a good story, indeed you are. There is nothing wrong with the way you write except for some part in the story where I felt like the events were a little rushed. But I can't remember what part that was. But the story just felt very unlikely to me but I guess that's what fanfictions are for :ajsmug:

Thank you so much!

I really look forward to the prequel.

Interesting and well written story. Like someone else mentioned I was a bit taken aback by the dam and sire business but it didn't detract from the fic in any way. Given the constraints of a short story I think you explored and dealt with the issues well!

I commend you on a job well done.:moustache: Did Twilight ever find a way to change Rainbow's gender?

Wait it says incomplete does that mean theres goen to be more:pinkiehappy: (hopefully)

I have to agree with other(s) about the sire and dam thing. Apart from that, its a well written little story, and you did a great job on it, so congratulations.

wounderful and beautiful :pinkiesad2::pinkiesad2::pinkiesad2::pinkiesad2::pinkiesad2::pinkiesad2::pinkiesad2::pinkiesad2::pinkiesad2::pinkiesad2:

Yeah, it bugged me a lot too; who says sire and dam anymore? You're just trying too hard to sound fancy (I know; as an autistic person, I too have the problem of from showing off my highly advanced vocabulary when it is highly unnecessary).

Completely and utterly awesome. I wish my fics could be half as good as yours.

This fic hit me right where I live... Great job!

I have only one question...Is there a sequel??

to those wondering about the sire and dam thing..its breding terminology for horses in general. ponies included. anyhow, this is a pretty good story.

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