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i'm just reader normaly but I do write on ocassion


send word out looking for more twi alicorn stories · 7:49am Feb 3rd, 2012

come on guys there have got to be mor than whats here send me links and i'll look for stories you want to see

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Thank you for the favorite on The Wolf King

Thank you for adding Equestria Knights of the True Force to your favorites list. :pinkiehappy: :pinkiehappy:

I know a few mind you these are one I think are good.
Equestria Knights of the True Force
I Pinkie Promise We're Not Bad Guys
Equestria's vampire
The Twin Assassin's in Equestria
My Little Naruto: Family Is Magic
Fear Me, If You Dare
The New Lich King
The Demon Swordswoman

And that is just a few I can think of.

Ty by the way know of any good displaced fics

Your welcome how soon til next chapter

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