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This is the home of those unnatural humans or ponies of Equestria.
Any story that involves a character with a god of any kind as a parent. This includes Celestia, Luna, Discord, and Chrysalis. Mostly for fans of the Percy Jackson series.
No real rules except they have to go into the proper folders according to main character's parents.
Also,keep threads on,usually the threads are upcoming news or info on the Mass Collab.

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Woot! Member 50, strolling in.

Also, I kind of prefer Titans over the Greeks... They just seem underrepresented.

There's an OC god folder? I can't wait to see one in there!!! :yay:


Wait...sorry, my brain just shuts off sometimes so when I saw the, At, in Artemis I assumed it was Athena.:rainbowderp:

~ T-Labs


I know that. I read Percy Jackson.

~ T-Labs

305344She has kids without sex, by the child being a literal brain child.


But Athena can have kids...:derpyderp1:

~ T-Labs

305232Okay then. Sure.
Edit:Done to be an admin?We got a few more positions open

Just do what I ask and make it very general.

If you do anything else you'll find 1000 folders of each individual god.

Hindu belief alone has 100. And those only describe each force of nature emotion and everything else I think.

While Greek gods cover again over 30 gods and over 100 spirits and demigods.

Such as Pan the Goat god I mentioned earlier...He bangs goats. That's why I find him funny. He's also a really good player of music. (I forgot his instrument)

Anyway for simplicity it.

And you really don't need to drag the whole group (of 10) into this.

305228Sorry, I just like for it to be very specific.I'll do that though if majority rules in simplicity or specifics.
Downvote-specific ok you need to remove all the folders of the greek and roman gods and replace them with simply "Roman gods" and "Greek Gods"

And put in OC's.

When I see other I think Pan the goat god or an OC because there is no OC god.

But yea let's keep it simpler you know?

anyway totally joining group for my own OC demigod :D

305221Yes, one for every Greek/Roman god I could think of offhand.

theres alot of folders

305210Tell you what. You and Jagg are getting Admin status so you can help me out with the folders. I don't know all the Greek and Roman Demigods I'm bloody thirteen!

305207 Yeah, but so what? Maybe she gets a flaw in there. Applejack has lied, Rarity got too focused on being elite to go to Twilight's party, and they aren't the only ones to act outside their sphere of influence. Maybe she gets really into a pony for some reason...IDK. Maybe even Hera might? Actually, don't forget Jason. :pinkiehappy:

Hmmmmm, I wonder what I can cook up with Epona... :rainbowdetermined2:

Oh shite. I just remembered Artemis/Diana is a god that has taken an oath of virtue:facehoof:

305205 I'd hope so. To think I've only been on fimfiction for less than a month.I'm surprised even this many have showed up. I'd like to thank all the bronies whom have inspired me to make this group.Perhaps I should branch out to the AiE group?Surely one of the Anons is a demigod.

And three hundred bros pop up here after some good, old fashioned posting on the "humans" group. Well, I'm down for this one!

Anyone who can find a better banner pm me the url.

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