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ALRIGHT SOLDIERS! time to make this the best group NA "north america" SO without further details plse welcome Zach

This group twidash club welcomes all you noobies and will return this group to greatness! post stories like a mother and this group is now turned into a GAIBO which is a zalibracorn which is now group thing look it up!

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i dont remember posting that comment
someone i know probably got ahold of my account when i forgot to log off
wont happen again.

299361 This group is for Human X Royalty pairings only.

Comment posted by Max From Equestria deleted Jul 22nd, 2014

299022you must read the story I placed in the Other Romances folder... if you don't hate gilda now then you soon will.

298859working on second chapter now.

i was wondering what are you guys going to be doing over the pony break. i have stories to read...:ajsmug:

i would like to give a shout out to my man midnight demon and his awesome new story "friends never say goodbye" hopefully you get alot of views. :ajsmug:

welcome everypony i hope you enjoy my club and have a wonderful new year:pinkiehappy:

o crap.... she followed me...

You are not a boss... i am a boss...

CLICK JOIN (like a boss)
This has been here for two weeks and nopony has joined??? WHAT!

welcome everypony! :pinkiehappy:

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