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This group is for the ever expanse of romance between humans and ponies. Please Enjoy this group and do remember that all is excepted even dark. However just be sure to follow the rules that admin have laid down from up above me and we should be good. Place your stores in the right folder. OC exclusive stories are welcome. Thank you


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402481 No one is doing anything and I have no idea how to get others to come and breath life into it! :applecry:

This one is sure a heck of an inactive group:facehoof:

Yes, now Humans in Equestria was too narrow a topic for me, so I set out to create a group dedicated to Human X Pony love! It also has the added benefit of being open as long as guidelines are met...just pick your folder and go! I am a huge supporter of those who want to ship ponies and humans. I myself read those stories almost religiously and that is why I created this give people a chance to express themselves if they love ponies!

Is this a new community?

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