Human x Anthro group 777 members · 549 stories

For those who are interested in Humans x anthro pairings , this is the place for you.

Here are the rules for this group:

Rule 1) HIE fics must have the human in a relationship a anthro (Whole point of this group), any fics that don't will be removed.

Rule 2) Post your fics at the right folders (including Clopfics). If you don't, they'll be removed.

Rule 3) They'll be no trolling, spamming, or reposing the same thread in the forums will be temporary ban. If the user does it again, will be permanently ban from this group.

Rule 4) No threatning to any members of the group. You'll be permanently ban.

Rule 5) No bullying.

Rule 6) No stories or blogs attacking other users.

Rule 7) No Racism, no sexism, and no bigotry

Rule 8) No posting unrelated content in this group.

Our brothers and sisters:

Human on Royalty: Admit it, they have god tiered bodies.

Celestia x Human: Best pony and best pony anthro.

Human falling in love with ponies: Our origins.

Human harems: Variety pack

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some help me find the story is about a human that Princess Celestia using as a secret weapon to fuck equestrian threats into submission.

You group need to make a 'Sick Selection' for the sick minded writers and reader please? I hate getting mind rape!

I actualy know the artist who drew the pictures used i nthe header :yay:

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