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I'm a 50+ Brony.And I just wanna tell stories with humans and ponies.

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Who's in charge?? · 1:23am Aug 30th, 2021

That's my question. In MLP The New Generation. Who is ruling Equestria? Who's in charge? Is there a new Princess? Or was the Monarchy abolished? What happened to Twilight?What caused Equstria to become the way it is? All pony races now distrust each other.

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No problem.I help out if I can,and I can't wait for more chapters.😀

Thanks for adding my story to one of your favourites brother!! Don't hesitate to give a feedback so I can improve my story more awesome!! 😊

Thanks my friend.:eeyup:

Oi! Thank you for favoring my story, and for the watch! You are awesomesauce! Rainbow approved! :rainbowwild:

Hey. Thanks for the follow.

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