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I wouldnt call myself a strong brony but atleast good enogh one to respect the others who have had the same happen I became one because of a dare for portal 2 but after watching 3 seasons I got hooked


Authors chat · 10:18pm Feb 3rd, 2017

Hey guys, sorry for not talking a lot lately life has been a real jerk lately but all that aside I will be participating in an author's chat on a team speak sever its scheduled to be on the 10th of February 5pm est if you would like to be apart of this here is the Ts3 ip for the server

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Well since you and I have both read Heros for Equestria.And I assume you liked it as much as I did.I just felt a sequel should be written and I just need your opinion on the matter.And I will let you know when the first chapters are up.:)

well when you have something let me know! btw why did you message me about this?

Oh absolutly.I will do that and give him credit.

I also don't have any rights to his story so you can make a sequel but if he comes back on that off chance give him a shout!

is that the one where fluttershy dies?

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constantly used Fan Fiction meems

If A fan fic has OVER 900 words in it then this is what you'll see

if a fan fic or to be more precise a human in equestria story has the main character being asked by a mare

"hey wanna bang"

and it takes the character by surprise then ill more than likely use this meem

if a fan fic is getting a lot of hate but is yet still a good story (even if the author is new at it) this will be used

if a fan fic is comical and it involves someone or somepony falling down the stairs this will be used

if a fan fic is still on hiatus after one to two months after last chapter or story release then IM MAD

if some one says shit is about to hit the fan no one knows it already has this meme proves it

i only use this meme if some outside force attack the ponies then you should know that

If a fan fic makes me sad

Fan fiction shout outs