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Here to show you what real creativity is. I'm rusty at animation and haven't set up my voice recorder, but I write alot and try to bring a fresh look to it.

What to expect from me

If you ever thought that crossovers are bad because it uses cliché tactics like bringing two world together through the use of a portal, or thought that there's going to be a boring plot with bland text; because that's what it is expected. Then let me tell you just how wrong you are.

Why do I say you're wrong?

It's because....

Y̵͎̦͍̻̝̲O̵̹̤̣͉̼̼͍͆U̻̳̹̟̹̒̿͑̾͂̚̚ ̯͌N̵̫ͪ̏͋̐̔̍E̹͚̬̩̝̳̿͛V͎̪̳̙̠̞̣͂͜E͇̟͋R̖̦̟̭ͩ͋̓̏͊̑͊ ̻̜̗̭̺̠̈̒ͥͮͅM̨͎͉͔̤ͭ̋ͨ͑ͩͤ̾E͎̱͒Ṫ͕̼̮̠̝̻̠͋̃͆ ͕̻͓̗ͤͧͬ̎̍͗̅M̶̯̬̣̲͊̄̓͆͑̓̆È̄̈̋ͣ̓̒!̜͍̞͖!̧̠̳̣̺̦̬̰͑̌͛̅̃͒̚!̋̐ͭͬ͐̍̉͞

Expect anything from my work, because I could surprise you with something you never saw before on this site. I work with crossovers mostly, but I never use a rip in dimensions to bring them together. It just seems like a lazy way to get two worlds together and makes the playing field uneven for one of them. I prefer to bring two franchises together through either:

1. Reshaping the character to fit into the MLP world.
2. Reshaping the MLP world to accommodate for the character.
3. The possibility of the two worlds already coexisting. (Ex. Spyro is a dragon = he can inhabit into the world because they have dragons, Donkey Kong is on an island = he can inhabit into the world if he lives on an island at sea.)

I try to stay true with both franchises whenever I do a crossover, and the fact that one of them is a kid's show, I have to really lower the rating to keep it clean. I don't want the ponies killing things in a gore-ish way because that would go against many, if not all, of the ponies' nature in the show. I try to make it on the brink of dark and mature from time to time with villains, situations, and the brink of saying curse words, but making key points to express humor, details, and emotions is what I usually aim for.

Goal checklist

[] Followers (as many as possible)
[] Get on front page
[] Get on Equestria Daily
[] Get a permanent job better than Burger King
[] Get noticed by DHX or Hasbro
[] Get hired by DHX or Hasbro (Hopefully as a creative director or writer)
[] Get YOU to follow me

Proud of this work I made

These stories made the popular page. Let's get them all up there.

Updated Stories


What's up. · 10:31pm Aug 4th, 2014

It's been awhile.... again, so I think I'll talk to you guys about my progress.

I've been busy working on my portfolio, working in a team animation, making some short animation scene for another class, and been building a 3D environment for a plant-man. In other words, I'm booked.

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Sorry, I was being sarcastic. I've been having trouble finding a girl and though it would be funny to respond back in that manner.:derpytongue2:

You weren't serious in that other thread, were you? :trixieshiftright:

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