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Whuddup Yo!

I'm gonna tell you some stuff bout' me.

Name : Albert (Pretty weird)
Nicknames : SShonix, Aurora, FD God, Zodiax. (I know, it's a lot)
Age : (Confidential)
Things I Like : Anime, Games, MLP and Basketball!
Things I Hate : Arrogant, Blinded, Annoying people, Shit Shippings and PiE stories.
My Favourite Colour : Red
My Favourite Cartoons : MLP, Gravity Falls.
Favourite MLP Character : Spike
Favourite Princess : Luna
Favourite Mane 6 : RD
Best Pony : Lyra

My Aspirations : To be a good writer. To be a Youtuber or a Game Creator.

My Instagram : HMG

Knock ya' self out!

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Thanks for the almost-fav and the follow! :pinkiehappy:

I am watched O_O


Thanks for the follow. :heart:

Thanks for the fave!:raritywink:

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