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Why yes, this is a crossover group. Planeswalking ponies, friends, planeswalking ponies for the win! We have rules and they are as follows:

1. Be reasonable in your critiques! Don't go overboard on the critisism, and if you're going to tell somepony that their story is bad you'd better be able to back up that opinion.

2. Feel free to ask questions. If you aren't sure what folder to put something in, just ask and somepony will get back to you soon.

3. Original planes are welcome, just be able to describe them well enough for us to understand.

4. Anything relevent to the group is fine to be posted on the message board, so long as it is appropriate or marked as otherwise on the thread title.

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I’d help but I’m a bit busy with an issue regarding some Phyrexians.

Hey guys I'm new here and I need some brave planeswalkers to beat the crap out of nicolbolas:flutterrage:

Why doesn't your rules list look like a tax code? :[

Welp, this is where we talk about fansets and how Derpy is best Planeswalker, right?

Oh, by the way, nice pic!

You could always write the plansewalkers as parodies of themselves. Make Jace an obnoxiously, mind controlling jerk, Chandra acting like she is in a constant state of PMS, Sorin Markov a kill crazy vampony with a heart of gold, ect.

Otherwise you could always look at the number of webcomics that Wizards put up depicting the characters. I think they are all here

Problem is, I don't want to spend money on writing.

336469 Maybe you should look at some of the books then, they give you a pretty good profile on the characters and how they react to different situations.

I just can't write crossovers that well. I'm good with OCs when I know their personality. I like when I can know exactly how a character would react to a given situation.

326498 Go on the website, read up on the lore. You now have the characters. You then write them in.

I can't write MTG. I can just play it.

...I have found my new happy place...

Derpy is best planeswalker.
oh dear Luna, this needs to be a thing.

317037 But everything is the Eldrazi's bitch.



305058 If a planes walker actually was walking around with that much mana, you'd be kinda screwed.

This is the perfect place to put my upcoming crossover fic

Or it would be, if I hadn't just handed the reins to someone else.

It will be epic, and I'll be sure to add it as soon as possible.

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