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Don't do dark magic, kids, or this might happen to you. Fantasy fan, gamer, inveterate shipper, Flash Sentry apologist, fiction author - fan and otherwise.


Happy Winter Solstice everyone. I brought gifts. · 5:37am Dec 24th, 2016

I've kind of dropped the ball on fanfic, but I do have a promise and a present for you all. More of a stocking stuffer, really.

Right here.

A World: Reflected will resume at the beginning of January, so help me God, along with some other writing projects, Ask Underwing and Pink Lady the most relevant to all of you.

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Thanks for the favorite on Disney Princess , I hope you had fun with the completed version

Thank you for adding A Cavalcade of Cards to your favorites! Feedback is always appreciated!

2213475 I'm a big fan of Spike - the boy, the legend, the dragon. There are very few Spike ships I'm comfortable with, because he's depicted as being about 10-12 mentally; I'm not saying I won't read Sparity, but you're going to have to work VERY hard to convince me it'll work.

Are your a fan of spike the dragon and any spike ship

2069206 That's... extremely odd, actually. I've put it on hiatus until next year; does anyone know if that prevents commentary?

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