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A World, Reflected is a somewhat dark, urban fantasy magical girl retelling of Equestria Girls.

Twilight Sparkle, newly an Alicorn and the Princess of Friendship, was dreading her coronation - when a thief strikes in the night, stealing the Crown of Magic and taking it through the gateway known as the Mirror of Reflected Worlds.

Now, Twilight and Spike must pursue Sunset Shimmer - known by some as Princess Celestia's most faithless student - to another world.

Through the mirror, Twilight and Spike find a world, reflected: a world full of echoes of the ponies they know as strange bipedal sapients; a world where if magic even exists it follows much different laws; a world stalked by savage monsters held back only by five mysterious heroines and the equally mysterious hero who lends them his aid.

The fate of both worlds may rest on whether or not five estranged high-school students can rekindle their friendship - with Twilight's help; whether or not an oddly familiar lad proves to be an ally, a friend, a lover - or a fatal distraction; and whether Twilight and the heroes of the reflected world can deduce just what Sunset Shimmer's malevolent plan is - before it's too late for them to stop it.

Cover image courtesy of Yamino.

Sex tag is for romance and examples of (literally) sophomore humor; Gore tag is for implied serious injury.

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