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Solar Twirl

You are NEVER too old for a Disney movie! Follow me, Follow you!

My OCs

1) Solar Twirl. Solar Twirl is a pegasus pony who dreams of not quite being a Wonderbolt, but standing superior to the Wonderbolts. She is headstrong, and won't listen to anypony else's ideas if she has her heart set on something. Her best friends are Supernova, Steel Flash, and SparklyLemons. Oddly enough, she hates Star Sparkle.

2) Supernova. Supernova is a very shy pegasus pony. She is an avid writer, and is persuaded easily. Supernova’s best friends are, Solar Twirl, Steel Flash, and Star Sparkle. At times, all Supernova wants to do is find a high, fluffy cloud, and write and read for hours on end.

3) Steel Flash. Steel Flash is a Wonderbolt in training. He’s one of the fastest pegasi in all of Equestria. Steel Flash is VERY headstrong, and won’t listen to anypony else’s ideas almost always. He has a crush on Supernova. His best friends are Solar Twirl, Supernova, SparklyLemons, Steel Flash, and of course, Star Sparkle.

4) SparklyLemons. SparklyLemons is a perfect example of ridiculous reason. She’s completely hilarious, and always has a smile on her face. All in all, SparklyLemons hates her name, and tries her hardest to change it, but mysteriously, all of the Namechanger shops are closed. Why her? She smiles, and witnesses the Mane Six fight evil, and she is that neon pegasus in the background.

5) Star Sparkle. Star Sparkle is a unicorn who is very talented, and is rivaled with Twilight Sparkle’s abilities. Lucky her. She is Twilight’s younger sister, and has developed a spell to give one the ability of walking through walls. She has a crush on Doctor Whooves, and is best friends with Supernova, Steel Flash, and SparklyLemons. She hates Solar Twirl.

6) Starcatcher. Starcatcher is a bat pony who is loyal to her friends, and other ponies, rustles up adventure EVERYWHERE. Don’t remind her of the bug-bear. Starcatcher isn’t nocturnal, like the other bats are, and light just doesn’t seem to harm her. Her friends are everyone in Ponyville.

7) Jay. Jay is a laid-back, cool griffon that is the kind of griffon who's tough, but has a soft heart, and really won't hurt anyone. Her best friend is LyraAlluse.

8) Blue Wave. Blue is a dragon from Phyrria, and is battle trained and "ready for anything", or so she says. She's kind of mean, and lived in Griffonstone for 3 years, before moving to the Everfree Forest.

9) Cupid Dreams. Cupid Dreams is a little filly from my friend's best friend's deviantart account, but that got deleted, so I thought I'd post her on here!

10) Violetta. Violetta is a singer from Manehattan. She's a stubborn unicorn, who has a great sense of humor.

First OC's work is Whirlwind by kiala97 on DeviantArt.

Things I Ship

Claire x Illusion
Even though they don't exist yet in the show, they will, and they will be cute together.

Pinkie Pie x Rainbow Dash
They're so cute!

Octavia x Vinyl Scratch
My two favorite background characters, together! (and they're awesome)

Soarin x Rainbow Dash
I've been shipping these two together for a LONG time.

Discord x Princess Celestia

They're so awesome and epic, and I love them!


A Little About Me

I am in the process of writing my first story, and it will take 3-8 weeks to be fully finished. But, whoever you are, do not be bored, there are many things yet to come. Check out the groups I'm in, because they're all great! Also, you can check my blogs whenever you want to, and oh no. You're bored! I do have a cute picture to hopefully cheer you up!


Extra Stuff:

My Theme Song:

I'm a closet pegasister, and I'm proud to be a pegasister.

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The Empty Box

In every story, every day, everyone appears in a new way. - Solar Twirl

Y'know how in almost every story there is an empty box? Well, I've noticed that on a lot of profiles there is an empty box at the bottom of each page. I'm sorting mine out as I type, and as I listen to Jurassic Park. I highly recommend that movie, oh, and Jurassic World. I do not like The Lost World, or Jurassic Park III.