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hey yall · 6:05pm Sep 19th, 2018

Whats happening with you guys? I haven't really been on here much, lmao. But i guess i'm here for the time being. I should probably be doing homework right now, but eh. High school's neat, I've just started my sophomore year, which is wild. I think I made this account like... sixth grade or something? So it's been around a while, not that I use it much. The actual writing I was doing on here is pretty terrible imo, but I was writing at least. I remember the people on here being really chill as

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My name is Lily (but you can also call me Violet), I'm seventeen, and I've been periodically drifting in and out of the MLP fandom since fifth grade. I'm bi and I primarily use she/her pronouns, but honestly, anything goes, I literally do not care.

I love all of the mane six, but Rainbow Dash is definitely my favorite. I'm very fond of Rarity and Applejack as well, which is kind of funny, since they used to be my least favorite characters when I was younger. It's a wonder what some really good fanfiction will do to your perception of a character, ya know?

Some ships I like are AppleDash, TwiJack, RariJack, FlutterDash, TwiDash, ScootaBelle, RariDash, and PinkieDash, but again, a good fanfiction that's to my tastes regarding pretty much any (appropriate, non-creepy) ship could draw me in. I've read some good TwiShy and AppleShy that I remember fondly, but it's not a dynamic I search out.

I'm also really into Telltale's the Walking Dead Game series and the cartoon Total Drama, along with... well, a lot of other stuff, but I've liked these for about as long as I've liked MLP. So if you want to talk to me about either of those, hit me up, I have Thoughts.

Anyway, feel free to shoot me a PM about anything. I'm probably not going to finish any of my old stories on here (let's be real, they're pretty much exclusively garbage), but I might start something new. I like to think that my writing's improved since I last posted.

Finally, if you want to catch me somewhere else, my AO3 with all my non-pony fiction (or rather, the stuff I'm not embarrassed by... I have two long dead FF.net accounts that will never be seeing the light of day) is SmoshArrowverseFan. My main tumblr is @violet-nick, but if you want to see my pony content, that'd be @wlw-rarity. Anyway, thanks for dropping by, maybe check out some of my recs, and have a good one. :)

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