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Not a brony. No really, I'm not. I'm just here to see what awesome stuff this crazy fandom puts out.

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Yet another delay · 11:08pm May 3rd

The final chapter (not counting epilogue) of URBC will be delayed on account of:

1) Revisions to make sure this story goes out on a high note.

2) I'm in the middle of catching up with a old friend, and helping him with his own fan fic.

3) IRL complications that have made the past few and upcoming weeks rather stressful.

4) Recent episodes forcing me to rework a scene.

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You may have received a notification that I put your thing in a list it does not belong in. That is because touchscreens suck. :moustache:

Haha! I see your profile tag line.

Interesting, to say the least.... (looks at own profile) ... hmmm.

Enjoying URBC so far. Still on ch4. Hopefully you've been working out the bugs, er, kinks in your writing. ;-P


yes. I'm just that slow a writer.

Is Undead Robot Bug Crusaders still going?

can't wait for the next chapter of 'undead robot bug crusaders' you did a great job with the storyline so far. Keep it up man :pinkiesmile: *bro hoof*

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