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Not a brony. No really, I'm not. I'm just here to see what awesome stuff this crazy fandom puts out.


When a mysterious stallion appears out of a portal, Twilight Sparkle is ecstatic. Who knows what other-worldly knowledge this stranger could possess?

Unfortunately for her, that knowledge may prove somewhat limited as this stallion... has a bit of an unexpected handicap.

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Comments ( 12 )

Who made the sprite, and how do I contact him/her?

8066935 looks like it's made in pony.town, but who is the author of the sprite itself I don't know.


I made it myself, in Ponytown, in about two minutes.

Poor guy. Bronies need to be careful what they wish for.

That last cypher! I can not puzzle it out.

We need a sequel to this! This is a perfect start for a HiE fic!:rainbowlaugh::scootangel:

8067193 Keep trying, it's worth the effort.

Nice. A rarely touched upon element of ponification. Even if it's an April's fools, it can stand on its own, though more as an intro than a completed story.

I imagine him sounding like Nevil from Sovietwomble's videos

Wait. That ending.
"It's okay. I flunked third grade."
He was a simpleton the whole time! I was tricked! XD
Very silly story.

I thought he was horribly drunk, huh.

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