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Salted Pingas

I salt mah pingas over nine thousaaaaand times in ten seconds flat.

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A List of the Salted Pingas One-Shots

-If you Give a Pony a Pretzel

-If you Give a Griffon a Gogurt

-Salted Pingas Directs a Pony Porno

-If you Give a Zebra a Zebra Cake

If they don't have a link to the story then they haven't been written yet.

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2524578 Hurk! :pinkiesick:

Blurk! :pinkiesick:

Blarg! :pinkiesick:

No, wait, still very much alive :pinkiegasp: (and sexy). :pinkiehappy:

I think I'll be getting a better doctor. I guess trusting a guy with 'dead' in his name doesn't lead to the most accurate diagnosis. :moustache:


three years.

Oh sorry, I meant three hours.

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FoE:SCoM Update · 3:39am Jun 10th, 2018

So as you all have possibly noticed, the last chapter hasn't come out yet. The story is not cancelled (and never will be, I've spent too much time on this to back out now), I've simply taken a slight hiatus from writing. I've been dealing with a lot of stress at work and my new schedule doesn't allow for a proper sleep cycle (I've had raccoon eyes for at least the past few months straight) so suffice to say I haven't had a lot of time to write.

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