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Salted Pingas

I salt mah pingas over nine thousaaaaand times in ten seconds flat.

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A List of the Salted Pingas One-Shots

-If you Give a Pony a Pretzel

-If you Give a Griffon a Gogurt

-Salted Pingas Directs a Pony Porno

-If you Give a Zebra a Zebra Cake

If they don't have a link to the story then they haven't been written yet.

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This is a test ♂♀

What did the soldier's baby say after he was born?

Thank you for your cervix

Being bored is worse when you're drunk

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Getting Back in the Saddle · 10:25pm Apr 4th, 2021

Hey all, quick update: story not dead, I've just been working on a variety of other projects and working 50+ hour weeks.

The next chapter: The Siege of Oasis Springs was actually finished before I realized that the ending was s:pinkiecrazy:t and decided that a re-write was in order (just the ending). I managed to get a nice chunk done today though there's still a lot that needs to happen before it's ready.

So yeah, stay tuned!