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A group mainly created for the creation of pirate based stories but others can join to just have fun. Also the headquarters of an epic collab ensemble that is still under heavy development.

Please post properly.
-The Extras folder is for your everyday piratical tales, anything not pertaining to the main plotline.
-The Main Story folder is for the main story mentioned in the first paragraph. Posting permissions for this folder set to Admin due to abuse.
-The Side Stories folder is for side stories to the main plot line, usually including one or more of the ensemble cast.

Contributor status given to those who are part of the main story collab.

And remember...Yar!:raritywink:

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Would either of you be interested in editing/proofreading a side story collab for the group? If so, shoot me a PM of your google account names and I'll send you something me and another member are working on.

And remember...Arr!:yay:


Hey all. I was thinking of writing a story about how my OC's joined up with the crew. The only problem is writing other's characters in as I may get them wrong.

Note: stories have now been placed in their proper foldars!

I'll add something. :twilightsmile:

338038 In case you didn't see the update when I made the folders a while ago I'm just replying to your comment as an extra reminder.

You need to create some folders if you want anyone to post stories in here.

We got a newcomer for sale here!
Slightly used and mostly confused! We can't give these things away!

329113 Ok then. Good to know.

329106 Pirates are always cumming!

329100 The pirates be cummin'!

I think I'll join.

Cause I lived my childhood with pirates such as Treasure Planet, One Piece and Internet. :twilightsheepish:

329039 Is it wrong that I misread that as 'cummin'?

great banner :P

329054 You did great actaully!:pinkiehappy:

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