There are quite a few stories on this site that depict the human either maiming, attacking or downright killing a Manticore upon first encounter! Most of these are Human in Equestria stories.


The Bronies Against The Abuse of Manticores, or BATAM for short, is a group dedicated to the kind and gentle treatment that Manticores should deserve. I mean, look at how Fluttershy did it - that's what should happen!

Let the word spread, let our name be known. We are BATAM and we are against abuse of Manticores!


This isn’t really a dos and don’ts list; more like just a don’ts list. This group is dedicated to stories with unique set-ups and plot devices, as well as unique concepts.

This group is also dedicated to avoiding cliché plot devices. And by following these guidelines you’ll be able to share your stories here without any problems; if you don’t like ‘em, then TS.

NO-Anon/OC /crossover character kills a Manticore to flaunt their strength/abilities. (it’s in our title!)

NO-Character strolls into ponyville = mass hysteria! Xenophobe ponies are really, really annoying.

NO-Rainbow Dash attacks character, even though he/she wasn’t doing anything threatening.

NO-Apple Jack is scared/doesn't like the character, for NO REASON WHATSOEVER. AJ is not a racist hic.

NO-Anon saves Equestria stories. They are overused, stupid, have hollow story-lines, and quite frankly, THEY’RE BORING AS HELL.

If you’re planning to make an Alicorn OC, what you need is to go to your kitchen, find a shot glass, some bourbon whiskey, and a fist full of pills, sit at your table and THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU’RE DOING WITH YOUR LIFE.

If your story involves a brony, you’re threading on thin ice there, pal. If your brony character, knows everything, is portrayed as a badass and one or more of the mane-six swoon over him the first time they meet, consider your story FORFEIT.

NO-Angsty characters. Nobody gives a flying fuck about your character’s “tragic” back-story.

NO-Misanthropic morals and protagonists (Especially humans).We’re sick and tired of seeing Misanthropic hipsters like Blaze plague the fanfiction community with these bullshit stories.

NO-Spin-offs of The Conversion Bureau, Fallout Equestria, Chess Game of The Gods and the like(ficverses, make you own ideas!)

Things that will turn us on to your story.

1) Human/pony alliance

2) Alien/pony alliance, or first contact

3) The human protagonist is a girl!

4) Crippled human in Equestria

5) Elf/orc/bugbear/troll/thri-kreen and various fantasy races of the like in Equestria.

And the like

To apply your story, simply insert your story in the appropriate folder. Group admins will search your story for any of the unsavory plot devices listed. If it’s clean, it’ll stay up. If not, it will be removed and you’ll be PMed the reason it failed moderation.

(DISCLAIMER: for the first month or so, we may not every Unsavory plot device up. So if your story fails moderation, and the reason isn’t on the list, it’s going up there now.)

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310817 I guess even my more violent stories should find a happy home here.
the only killed are ponies, and it was for the greater good. (laughter)

Hm.... *reads guidelines after joining* i think one of my stories is immediately disqualified from being submitable(a manticore is severly harmed*cough*andkilled*cough* to protect three fillies)... But the other I think I can submit safely. Well, I'll wait a while and browse the stories already here first though.

Well, I've looked over the guidelines and decided.
I shall you in your quest, good sirs.

Also...I've included some of the turn ons before even reading this. Mainly, FEMALE PROTAGINIST (I can't spell for nothing in caps.) And you have even gotten me to rethink some scenes in other stories. So...:heart:...No homo.:scootangel:

I have taken your guidelines on board and have joined the group. I will apply your rules to my upcoming first story. No Manticores will be harmed in the making of this programme...

I shall join and offer my support to BATAM

I agree with the guidelines of this group. Joined.

311182 :twilightsmile:

Not sure how it would go. Might as well have him wake up in the ghastly gorge.

THAT would actually be awesome.


311179 And the final question would be you think having a centaur go to equestria is original?

311117 i meant to ask would it be original if the human mc is a japanese deliquint?


would it be original if i had a human oc taming the manticore?

that should be fine:pinkiesmile:

Or how about making the human oc a serial killer?

unless you know for damned sure you can pull it off, try to avoid doing this.

would it be original if i had a human oc taming the manticore?

Or how about making the human oc a serial killer?

I guess now that my story's here, I have to join.


310818 i had actually intended for this group to collect stories that don't use retarded and over-used plot devices stated in this thread I posted, but greatdodyer beat me to it. I was hoping he/she could revise the group rules.

after all the title was intended to be a flashy name with a great point. :twilightsmile:
kinda like a cool mascot, ya dig?

How would uploading stories work then for BATAM? If there are so few Manticore-friendly stories, how do you expect to get the folders filled? :unsuresweetie:


join today and help save these beautiful, majestic creatures

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