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This group is dedicated (and also very much ded) to collab stories. Whether you're looking for collab stories to promote, read, or looking for a bro(ny) to write a collab with then this is the group for you!

Please post accordingly to the right folder ONCE (there shall be no multi-posting here).

No, seriously, you f:pinkiecrazy:kers, only put your story in one goddamn folder!

Threads are to be used for flame wars, shameless self promotion, and for finding other bro(nies) to write collabs with.

Founded by Salted Pingas because I got drunk tired one night and realized thought that there weren't any collab groups on this site (But we've still got the best motherf:pinkiecrazy:king banner!).

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Hello! I'm new to this group, hope I can help as best of my abilities.

Hey, I guess it's not dead after all :pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy:

EDIT: I now have an erection...or do I... :rainbowkiss:


Thanks for letting me join! As soon as Zephyr and I are done with a few more chapters, we'll be sure to submit "Daft Pone: An Interstellar Affair"!

326126 Well I've got a couple ideas I don't ever plan on using. The more interesting one I detailed here: 321296.



A link to a google doc? A story to edit? An idea to hand out?
I'm starving for a little bit of collaboration friend, do you have any?

Awesome! :pinkiehappy: I cant wait. So far, its coming along real nice as long as nothing holds me out over the top of me head. :ajbemused: But again, its a real plreasure becoming an ally here on this site. There needs to be more of that from time to time instead of just ganging up on one another. But, what can you do? Again thank you comrade! :pinkiesad2: :twilightsmile:

321299 Cool beans, bro(ny). Just send the stuff my way and I'll be happy to help. :rainbowkiss: /)*

Awesome! I decided to found a group of my own as well. I would love to extend my hand (or hoof) in extended relations. :pinkiehappy: And don't you just hate that. :ajsleepy: :ajbemused: I have a story that I've literally have been working on since yesterday and still going even as I type. I'm hoping you or anyone here on this awesome site can enjoy, correct or just do anything with this seed of labor. I was working on my first project which would of been awesome if I didn't have to bare the weight of it alone. I made a bible out of it, guidelines, blah, blah, blah! :rainbowlaugh: But if your interested in working on my work too I would be utmost happy to share my wok with you so you can have an early look and let me hear your honest opinions on the matter like "Is that what AJ would actually say?" Or would Luna act like that in this scene?" Again you and everyone else on board are welcomed to your opinions and I'm all ears and eyes. :twilightsmile: But I'll see what I can do and I know I'm going to have to familiarize myself with "Gundarr the Barbarian" (sounds familar for some reason) and I'll see what I can do. Its real honor having you on the good side of these here parts. :twilightsheepish: :pinkiesad2:

In other news, I do have a couple of ideas floating around in my Google Drive folder that I never planned on putting on paper.

One of them, which is almost exclusively an OC only fic, is a sorta-comedy/crossover called 'Cupcake Fury: Origins'.

It's a crossover of MLP and the Mondo Minishow series Gundarr the Barbarian, centered around the character Cupcake Fury, whom makes his first appearance here.

If you're interested, send me your gmail infoz and I can share the document with you and work on it. I've currently got a case of writers block and my collab partner for another story is being an asshole, so I could use a fresh breath of air.:twilightsheepish:


You're the only one on here?

Bro(ny), I only founded the group yesterday. But we'll probably be getting more joiners in a couple of days when the next round of group updates comes out.:raritywink:

You're the only one on here? :fluttershysad: I'm looking into making collaborated works for awhile till I get a better footing for my stories. I'm decent writer in a certain extent. Although, I do have some grammar troubles and such. Another Achilles heel to me is actually trying to perfectly capture the characters of the official characters. The OC concept is easier to me because ... well. They're original characters! But again, I hope that you or anybody on here can give me a chance in working, correcting, contributing and just flat out brain storming ideas along side of me. I would mostly appreciate anyone on here making my simple dreams come true. And that's to be a simple writer on my off times. To actually gain some recognition on something. Of course, all credit would be distributed, given and mentioned (for all I care) on the projects and works that comes to mind. I thank anyone (including you Salted Pingas) for taking your time reading this simple plea. May all the Bronies live forever in harmony. :scootangel: :twilightsmile:

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