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Collaborations? · 8:53am Jul 30th, 2013

Times are hard for some and many for others. I'm one of the few that have the latter. I've been busy and concentrating on life more and more each day. Its a good thing, but then it starts messing with my creative moods and vibes. Now I'm struggling with just trying to keep things orderly and even original. I was trying my hand with this first 'multiverse' series but it looks like I lost that blasted vibe (although, I was fortunate on making somewhat of a bible of the series for future

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Ooh, thanks for the Siren love for the Sirenfic. I'm looking to do more than just that too.

934729 I noticed your reply. You're very welcome. I'm a common TvTrope reader and occasional contributor there. When I noticed "Mutant" under (my favorite personal trope) Nightmare Fuel section I knew I had to read it. It sounded too good to be true! :twilightsmile: Any who, Sorry for the late response. I just got back on this site for good ole' times. :pinkiehappy: Keep writing my friend, I'm rooting for you! :yay: :scootangel:

Thank you for faving Mutant!
Happy reading!

645460 .....What in blue blazes was that!? :twilightoops: And .....Oh no. :facehoof: Oh fishy, fishy, fishy, fish!

645388 And it went where ever I did go.

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