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Outline for fiction chapters

I will post outlines for the next chapter of a book that has either yet to be written or yet to be seen. This way you guys get a sneak peak of what I am up to. :)

Outline For:

The Pictures I Took, LOOK AT THEM!!!

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boo bade dee badee dah
youlve been gon for far too long
baby come back ,and smack that!
smack that return to fimfic flight tickit and grasp your brony friends back into your soul

I'm following you :pinkiecrazy:

Can't wait to see your stories man, best of luc to you in the writing field. If you need help send me a message.

Chef... Its chef... I suppose not anymore...

I may try it again myself later. See ya chief

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List of Planned Stories:

A Rose Before Death

This is a fiction co-authored with 3 others, 2 of which are mainly editorial for both plot, grammar, spelling, syntax, and paragraph formatting.

EternalShadow45: Grammar and Spelling Editor
masterchef227: Co-author
Rourke: Co-author
MrStargaser:Pre-reader and plot advisor


Iridescent Aurora

[description needs to be updated]

FanFic News

To Be Updated...