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Have Spike take the C.M.C.'s on a tour of Canterlot so that they don't interrupt Braeburn's ceremony? It was such a simple solution, but even the best laid plans can go awry. Now, Luna and Applejack must contend with some unfinished business from the princess's past as Twilight deals with the fears and concerns of two little fillies... and two little dragons.

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completed already?
I love SpikeXCMC shippings.
Espicially SpikeXSweetie Belle
I'll give this one a try.

*rubs chinwhiskers*

I think they banned foalshipping on EqD...

Pros: Written by T.D, so will be all kinds of classy shipping

and so on.....

Well boys the Pros have it :rainbowlaugh:

Haven't read it but would suggest staggering the release of chapters. It's nice that you've completed it but a lot of great stories get very few views due to how fast they leave the first page. Maybe have a release schedule of every three days or something to let your readers know when to expect it and will also allow others who didn't happen to be online in the brief period it was on the front page to see it.

Mass producer of literature! Another one for the read list!

Thanks, can't wait to read. :twilightsmile:

Well I already know that I am going to like this story.

*fave and thumbs up*

Have I mentioned that I love your characterizations and the little details you throw in? Spike's discussion on politics and the janitors was pretty much perfect.
Also, bonk.

Aaaand per the norm of your stories, I am awed and dazed at your insightful look into Spike and Twilight's relationship. Thanks for sharing.

Definitely prolific and proficient! :raritywink:

Oh crumpled hatted earth pony, what would we do without you?

Whenever I see him I think of authors who get cameos in movies based on their work.

This needs a romance tag, doesn't it?

4 chapters at once. This is daunting. I'll just put this in my "read never" list.

"Shipping is as shipping does" in this fic... I hope you like it anyway when you find out what I mean by that.:twilightsmile:

Thanks for the vote of confidence! Love that .gif!:rainbowlaugh:

"Shipping" is a matter of opinion in this one, but I look forward to hearing your thoughts on it!:pinkiesmile:

That is actually a good point. It proably explains a lot about my "story view" count, huh?:fluttershysad:

You know that I'm looking forward to your thoughts on it when ya' get a chance!:twilightsmile:

I'm glad that ya' believe in me, Redz!:pinkiehappy:

Bonk indeed! I wrote that scene on election night, so you can tell whee the influence came from!:raritywink:

Thank you so very much. It is the most important aspect of the series to me, and I'm glad that you approve of how I represent it.:twilightsmile:

The first one, perhaps, certainly the latter!:raritywink:

How Hitchcockian!:ajsmug:

That's a matter of opinion in this one... I hope you'll understand what I mean by that, and I look forward to your thoughts!:pinkiesmile:

I'm sorry that you find it daunting. I always release my stories in completeness (with the exception of exceptionally long fics) so that they are thoroughly edited and make sense as a single narrative, and so that the readers know that I'm not abandoning them in the middle of a work which will never be completed. I can only apologize that it was off-putting, but please know that there's no rule that you have to read the whole thing at one time.

Haven't read it yet.
I can tell this will get featured.

I'd love to believe ya', my friend, but I haven't had a Featured Bar trip since January... so, yeah. I hope you get a chance to read this one though, you know that I always appreciate your input!:twilightsmile:

umm... based on the pic its a romance fic, but no romance tag. is it romance?

The Desendant...? Shipping? Well... My favorite of yours (A Sweet Taste Of Cake) is a ship fic... So I'm gonna give it a read! :pinkiehappy:

Edit: I was actually just about to go reread A Sweet Taste of Cake again... But this is gonna trump that ;)

Well... ummm, yes and no? It's hard to explain... there's a lot of questions about love, but love plays a part in it. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the story, and whether or not you think it needs a romance tag or not, if you'd like to read it!:twilightsmile:

Well, jeez... I don't know if "shipping" is the right word or not!I'm of course very happy to read your thoughts, Aslin!:pinkiesmile:

Thank you so much! I appreciate you taking the time to read and comment!:twilightsmile:

Drowning in feels and loving every second of it.

That seems to be one of my specialties, eh? Can't wait to hear your thoughts on it at the end!:twilightsmile:

is this heartbreaking mind bucking sad, or just a bit sad ?

Well... it's a story that I wrote, so you know that whatever happens, it has deeper meaning, and everything works out okay in the end, I promise.:pinkiesmile:


The box loves you my friend!

Everything I ever wanted and more.:rainbowkiss:
Consistent yet the tone changes smoother then a Film Flam Bros sales pitch.
I really love how you paint a deeper and more mature equestria without using gore or dirty language.
Not many writers can do what you do and you should be proud of that.:ajsmug:

Well said. :moustache:
@The Descendant Once again you have painted a picture of a greater Equestria sitting just beneath the pastel surface we all know and love. Of course, thanks to you, I have to draw the CMC and Spike with Twilight kissing his forehead... One more on the to-do pile I guess.

And grats on the feature, no matter how little time it spends there!

dragonized applebloom looks really good.

Apple Bloom, you've just put a curse upon yourself :pinkiegasp:

I have not read it yet, but as a fellow Spike-ship lover, I must say: YES!!! Well done! Another Spike shipfic for me to feast upon! Thank you!!! Though the lack of a romance tag is a bit off-putting. Nonetheless, I am sure it will be a fine read! :)

URG my "read later list is PAST capacity and I have 34 chapters to read on 6 different stories that i have fav'd! RHETT RHETT! WHENEVER SHALL I READ THIS?! I know already that I'm just going to read it right after i read the conclusion to Background Pony BUT WHY?!:raritydespair:

... I'll just give this a preemptive Fav so I A) remember to read it and B) because I already know it's gonna end up on my fave list anyway


This might sound a bit dick-ish, but as a matter of personal taste, based on the pic and description, I wouldn't read this. I rolled my eyes at the description and was actually going to close the tab without even putting it on my ridiculously long (892 currently) Read Later list. Then I saw your name.

I am going to read it, simply because you wrote it. This is for the simple reason that everything of yours that I've read has varied between "good" and "amazing and awe-inspiring".

Too little time, too much awesome to read...

Well, at least this one is short, just 26,000 words. I'll probably love it after I'm done.


Seems interesting. Shall read after personal hygiene has been dealt with! Oh and faved xD

Spike, you poor, tortured soul. What a strange situation he's in.


"...foalshipping beyond a schoolyard crush"

I think anything non-sexual is fine

A story about Spike growing up a bit. Fills my heart with the feels.

I know this would be an excellent story. I look forward to reading this.:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::twilightsmile::yay:

Some many feels from this story. :moustache::heart::applecry:
Spikebloom ftw.

It's been a while since I've had any sort of "feels" from reading a fic, but this just nailed it, and I greatly appreciate it. Some typos here and there, but hell, I stayed up all night to read from start to finish and I was not disappointed. Great job.

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