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When Spike asked Twilight to help him create The Noble Dragon Code, he hoped a lot of things would happen.

Getting worshipped as a god by legions of theologically-inclined dragons wasn't really one of them but, hey, whattcha gonna do? Them's the breaks, kiddo.

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Before reading: This can only end well...

Finished chapter 1.

OI spent the entire damn chapter laughing literally laughing my ass off.

That was when the linguini attacked

But there? There I lost it. I had to stop reading and laughed for a solid five minutes. Utterly hilarious.

I must read this...

Rumors have it that the librarian in that lost library now eats a lot more bananas and can even catch books with his feet.
But that's just hearsay.

As the King of all Dragons, I must commit to reading this story of my people.


Dude, you've done it again! Continuing on to next chapter, but this is as hilarious as you're usual comedies are. I think you may have over used the meta jokes about metaphors in this one alone, but it was still great.

Meta about metaphors. Hur....


Da BUCK?! Ok... HOW did two amazing stories just HAPPEN to pop up like that AT THE SAME TIME?!


Starting to wonder... if you two are somehow the same people...

My face was that of Spike's. WUT?! Those fics were too much to handle at once! x_o

:rainbowhuh: What..

K, now imagine this idea handled more seriously. Instant epic tale.

...Oh God. :rainbowlaugh:

I'm gonna read this when I get the chance. But I just want to weigh in now and say "this sounds crazier than a sack of Discords arguing over who's turn it is to wash the accordion factory."

And whatever you do, don't call him an monkey

You presented a noodle incident.

You explicitly presented a noodle incident.

You, via explanation in the actual story, explicitly presented a noodle incident.

By their very nature, noodle incidents are undefined and never presented! Sweet merciful Heaven, Descendant, you've doomed us all!

Utterly hilarious. I LOVE IT!

Nice, a thoughtful humor story. I like it when the little things add up. The plunger joke could have easily been an unexplained one off gag, but you provided a reason for it that made it even funnier to me.

The mythology you create for the dragons is interesting. I appreciate the time you took the time to add some depth and explain the standard dragon behavior, especially in a comedy. Even though this story is not super serious, I still find myself rooting for Spike and hoping he gets through to the dragons a little.

Aside from that, I always like that you can actually handle the idea that Spike and Twilight's relationship is not easily definable, in this and your other work. Mother-like Sisterly Very Best Friend Thing indeed.

Final thing: normally I'm not the biggest fan of overt TV Trope references, but... I was still amused by the Noodle Incident scene.

TD....have you been drinking?

Kenbroath is one classy dragon. Can you have him meet Fancy Pants so they can shift Equestria into classy overdrive?

And if yes, tell me where I can find more of it!

and the deranged that were into that kind of thing

Cannot fathom the reason, but fixated on that quip. :rainbowlaugh: As usual, you thoroughly impress. Seriously, thank you for supplying a fortuitous start to the weekend.

The last option was generally more effective against monsters, armies, and witches than it was, for example, in selecting a new prime minister, deciding what to have for breakfast, or helping a foal get her kitty out of a tree.

Live and learn.

It says quite a lot about Celestia's early years that she had to determine that those are inappropriate times to unleash the unbridled fury of the sun through experience.

A new story by TD?!


:facehoof: Oh boy. This... this is going to be tricky. A shame belief and worship don't automatically yield power in this cosmos.

Also, Grumplight Grumple is best grump. The Mill Creek Bridge is best not-so-grump.

I'm looking forward to more of the Lawgiver. Great are his pronouncements! Benevolent are his intentions! Bottomless is his disappointment!

By the way...

In your story description:

Getting worshipped as a god by legions of theologically-inclided dragons wasn't really one of them but, hey, whattcha gonna do? Them's the breaks, kiddo.

Did you mean theologically-inclined?

This was brilliant, TD. I don't know why I was expecting any less when it's written by you.

It was actually so amusing that I was reading parts out to my mother. I think she loved it almost as much as I did. :rainbowlaugh:

Thank you for writing this, and, as always, I eagerly await to see more.

2591844 No, Spike is Alduin! :moustache:

As ever, truly masterful writing, TD. :trollestia:

Thought process upon looking on FimFic front page:

"Feature box titles, then: meh, looks dull *click*, looks dull *click*, oh, long title that is either intentionally humorous or unintentional and sign of a disasterously bad author, most likely former, given feature box (but with quality of some fiction these days); check summary, then, *click* Spike fic as expected, promising summary (definately former case) and DECENDANT SPIKE FIC! DECENDANT SPIKE FIC! CANNOT HIT BUTTON TO READ FAST ENOUGH!"

Measured and carefully considered feedback from reading first chapter:




Will now continue to read next chapter.

Even by your superlatie standards, TD, you have excelled yourself. I have been in stitches all the way through (save for Celestia's song). I lost it completely at the "Consort of the Lawgiver" part and again with Twilight's title... Though there was so much Win in the humour, it's hard to pick favourites.

And the little epic history piece change of pace in the middle was made more poignant by all the humour.

Transcendant work!

:rainbowlaugh: This is funny
I like funny.



noodle incident... did someone read Calvin and Hobbes?

Dammit, I hurt myself laughing so hard. :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

“Eep!” said the Mill Creek Bridge.

Getting old, really fast.

“Eep!” said the Mill Creek Bridge.

Getting old, really, really fast.

Well TD, it seems that you were in fine form while writing this. I do have a typo catch for you though:

Once the dragons had been reassembled in the meadow, they sat there under the gauze of a very disappointed looking adorable purple god.

I'm fairly certain you meant gaze instead of gauze.

Methinks that The Lady Consort of the Lawgiver may be having a slightly harder time putting her feelings in order thanks to this... At least she has gems. :raritywink:

Grumplight Grumple has mustard in her pencil sharpener... Again.:twilightangry2: I don't think any amount of happy squirrel dances are going to help this time.

That scene with Garble and The Plunger (capitalization required, it IS The Plunger of the Invictus after all :trollestia:) had me rolling! Normally, it doesn't take me long to read something, but I was laughing so hard after each line that I couldn't see straight! I wonder how graphic his imagination had gotten before he ran off... Probably better to not put it into print:pinkiesick:

While all of the dragons' attempts to become more noble dragons are over the top and silly, it's just a little bit sad to see just how desperate they are to regain what they lost.:fluttercry:

I don't think a comment on this story would be complete without this... :moustache:

2591146 The great and powerful Descendant of Keh'An forces the noodles to bow to him! Also, he shall not be held responsible for noodle induced mass panic amongst his minions.
2592313 All we need now is the cardboard constructed dimension dislocatatron for proof... Too bad Smarty Pants hid that in conjunction with a certain stuffed tiger...

What are you talking about that's the best line.

1.3*10^33? Challenge accepted!

helping a foal get her kitty out of a tree.
Live and learn.

Boy was her face red after that incident.

Oddly enough, the most practical answer to two of those nightmare scenarios involved a toilet plunger.

I'm guessing that the two scenarios were the dragon and the Heart of the Mountain being breached. The plumbing being backed up must be Luna's job to fix now that Cadence is in the Crystal Empire.

kept her faithful student from devolving into fits of adorable insanity.

But her fits of adorable insanity are extremely adorable! Spike needs to let her go into insanity mode more often in my opinion.

But, there were still memories of that older time, and as a dragon’s warmth met her Celestia heard one of those echoes clattering around her.

I could be mistaken but I believe that you forgot a comma: "warmth met her[comma] Celestia heard".

sucking the entire civilization into an alternate dimension

So THAT is how the Library of Alexandria was created. It makes so much sense now.

Here were the ramblings of the insane, the ponderings of the degenerate, and fan fiction… all of the very worst dregs of the literary world.


You know, a thought occurred to me towards the end of this chapter... It must have taken a lot of coordination on the dragons part to shout everything they said in unison.

“No, wait, what?!” Twilight finally cried, her hair frazzling.

Let the adorableness commence!!

Great story so far TD! I highly enjoyed this (even if it did take hours for me to read through it... stupid guests wanting to visit their friends). Can't wait to read the other chapters once I get home and (hopefully) free from distractions... though my dog and fire department might have a say in that.


Giant Mako is the boss, also this story is really good so far, will finish it later :p

I look forward to your thoughts!

Sorry about your ass. Glad you're enjoying the story!

You must!

Heh, a little bit of pondering about where that library went, eh?


Aw shucks, I'm blushing!

I can assure you that I am only myself!

This does end up getting more "serious" in the last two chapters. I originally planned it as something "deep", but it was a taxing read. I hope you still enjoy it as a comedy.

I look forward to your thoughts when ya get a chance, Rok!

You have no idea, my friend... you can't even begin to know...

I'm glad! Thanks for reading, bud!

I'm glad that you noticed the serious undertones, as I did originally want this work to be more explanatory. I'm glad that the world building came through a little. Yes, the SpiLight relationship continues to be the key for me, and I can only wonder if it will change if (when) Twilight's love interest carries over from Equestria Girls.

Only the blood of my enemies!

Heh, did you just quote Lincoln when he was asked about Grant's drinking? If yes, then you're my favorite person of the day!

It was my pleasure! Have a great weekend!

Hey, everybody has a first day on the job... am I right? ;)

Hell yeah!

Relevant indeed!

It's gonna be quite the ride for The Lawgiver! I hope you'll check back next weekend to see how it turns out for Spike!

Heh, yeah! Am I getting predictable? Just taking a little break from Zenith, and hope to be back on that work soon! :)

Ssshhhhhhh.... ;)...

Thanks for the catch, Redz! Gah! I hate when I make stupid mistakes like that!

Thanks, Vex! I'm glad your mom liked it, too!


Thanks, Fido! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

I loves me that kinda feedback. I loves it tah bits!

I'm glad that you were able to find poignant moments as well as humorous ones, Commander. I hope you'll enjoy the concluding chapters just as much.

I like funny, too!


The conclusion is a little more serious. I hope you enjoy it, though!

It does make sense as a running gag, and an important plot point, in the conclusion. I hope you enjoyed the story otherwise.

Thanks for the grammar catch, Ry! I hope that I'm able to keep your interest with the conclusion next weekend. Thanks for reading, you know I look to my experienced readers for support!

Let me know how it works out!

Thanks for the grammar catch, Redz! I hope you enjoy the rest of the work!

TD... I think yo need help, I know reenactors are crazy but you have gone off the deep end.

Wow. I couldn't read this in one sitting; I had to keep taking breaks to recompose myself.


Best line? Of course!

But it also means we never get see Fluttershy cuddled by dragons. Or them cry at her stares and admonishing... Unless the author is waiting to use that in case the dragons go amok.

Either way, we see a bridge, and no Fluttershy.

You're only just figuring this out?:raritywink:

Heh, breathe, breathe! I can't afford to lose readers!:pinkiesmile:

I'm hoping that you'll trust me on this. It's an important plot point in chapter five, as well as a running joke.


Oh, I am. Though, will that red dragon from Smoky mountain, Crackle or the other teen age dragons, or that green dragon that chased Spike show up?

I look forward to see how the other dragons react to their back stories of meeting the heroes.

But no seriously, I miss Fluttershy,

Hadn't had a laugh like this in such a long time:rainbowlaugh:.
I especially love the way Twilight's acting in this.


"Eep," said that potted plant inside the spa.
"Eep," said Tom the rock.
"Eep," said the vase inside Carousel Boutique.
"Eep," said Pinkie Pie's bed.
"Eep," said Rainbow Dash's shower.

See where I am going with this?

When you laugh so hard you start crying:yay: Yes, this had me dying, awww I love poor Fluttershy but this was funny as shit, I....:rainbowlaugh: This was pure gold, I have to read more, I really want to see a pic of Celestia with a toilet plunger now:facehoof: Gods, this was amazing, now it could very well just be me but I'm seeing a bit of Spilight, once again it could just be me as a very big fan of that pairing:twilightsmile:

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