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There are only three real monsters: Dracula, Blackula, and Son of Kong.


The Everfree forest is just like any other forest—except it's full of monsters and weird magic junk, but ignoring that—it sometimes grows out of control and needs to be trimmed a bit. In order to keep the forest from growing too large, Celestia asks Twilight to start a controlled forest fire to burn a portion of it down. It seems like a simple request, but a series of mishaps and misunderstandings lead to some miscommunication and, subsequently, to Twilight setting fire to all of Equestria.

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Yeeeeeeeeah baby! :heart:

I enjoyed the Hitchhikers' reference.

Oh yeah, and the story was pretty good too.

Fuck you, Alex.

It was pretty good though, 8/10.

In Fact, Burn All the Stuff

*Evil mastermind grin*

*Looks at StarChaser*
*Looks at StarRunner*


Smoker #5 · Aug 8th, 2014 · · 19 ·

Still hate twilight. So smart yet so damn stupid.

Insane troll logic at its finest!


4817258 ...don't feel sad...I'm sure RAINBOWBOB might consider sharing half a beer or so...:trollestia:

"I told you that MacMuffin machine would be the best five years of tax-payer's money I ever spent!"

Wow. What are the chances that two stories of the same exact premise gets published on the same day, one after another? That has to be like, a one in a million chance. :twilightsheepish:

Celestia approached the orb, placing her hoof on it. As soon as she touched it, it cracked open and split to reveal an inner chamber. “What was the code again? Oh! Right, it was L-Y-O-K-O.”

Did you just? :pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy:

Blazing story bro. :twistnerd:

I love the story and the Code Lyoko reference...keep up the amazing work man!:rainbowkiss:

4817258 don't worry I vote for you:yay:

I laughed so hard i cried :rainbowlaugh::pinkiehappy:

“It’s a mystery, princess.”

I am slightly sad this isn't
"It's a secret to everybody, princess."

“Sure,” said Celestia, turning back around to face Day Planner. She smiled. “Just you and me, Day. We could start over. I never really liked Equestria that much to begin with. There aren’t enough fjords.”
“There aren’t any, princess.”

We have plenty of does in Norway, you can have some of them:trollestia:

Lyoko... I thought it should have been loko

4817700 4817884
Obviously, Celestia is pinin' for the fjords. She must be a Norwegian Blue—beautiful plumage!

Dammit, Twilight. :facehoof:

Okay, that was wonderfully fun! Nice!

Someone should start singing the Code Lyoko theme song! :rainbowlaugh:

Buuuuurn it, buuuuuurn it aaaaaaaaall :rainbowlaugh:

Oh pyromancers, never change.:twilightsmile:

Spike burped, sending a letter flying out of his mouth and into his outstretched palm. He took one look at the seal and then tossed it to Twilight who was busying herself with a whole bunch of fragile-looking glass at a workbench. With her lip firmly clamped between her teeth, and her eyes focused on the noxious-looking purple liquid in the test tube in front of her, she caught the scroll in mid air with her magic.

That whole paragraph is just plain cool.

“Oh, Spike. I’m sure they’ll figure it out soon enough. They’re not that stupid.”

And that logic is technically flawless.

Letsee now...in yours, Princess Celestia messes up, doesn't give a rotten pickle about her country, and saves it anyway. In RainbowBob's, Princess Celestia gets crushed under a mountain of books and witnesses the ruination of her pancakes. Tough call...

And that's how XANA got another qubit. :twilightsmile:

Most entertaining. Thank you for it. Now to read Bob's take...

EDIT: Done and done. I liked yours better.

Some mares just want to watch the world burn...

Also, love the Code: LYOKO reference. I bucking loved that show when I was little.

“Well, I guess we’re supposed to assume that by all she means all of the everything.”

Flawless logic.

"little miss Nuremberg"

Alex...I think you have a problem...

My blog
Bob's blog

Look, if I don't make references to Nazi warcrimes, then who will? Bob? I'm doing this because I'm not the hero fimfic wants or deserves, I'm the hero fimfic needs.


Also, why has that reference not been made yet? Silly people.

That was hilarious.:rainbowlaugh: No offence to anyone, but I like this one better than RainbowBob's. :twilightblush:


Rarity turned just in time to see Twilight approaching. “Oh, Twilight, dear! Lovely morning, isn’t it? What are you up to this early?”

Twilight held up one of the test tubes, shaking it a bit. “Burnin’ stuff.”

Aaaand there's the upvote.

Twilight burns all of Equestria, everyone loves it!

I say burn all the evil cherngelerngs, and everyone gets mad!



Comment posted by HiddenBrony4 deleted Aug 8th, 2014

4819593 Burn some stuff? We're good. BURN ANOTHER LIVING THING, THE FUCKS WRONG WITH YOU!?!?

as said in Knighmysterios waking nighmars by the pyro

i have yet to find a situation that cannot be solved in some way, with a copious amount of fire

Still better than RainbowBobs, even with the cringeworthy crossover stuff.

This seems appropriate:

have an upvote:twilightsmile:

I don't even need to read this to give it a spot on my favorites.

4820953 same but I read it anyway

"You did good, ladie! Now you know what you've got to do! Burn the house down, burn them all!"

4820369 And if the problem hasn't been solved, you haven't used enough fire.


You realize "all of Equestria" includes all the living things inside it, right?

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