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Hey friends, Dubs here! I'm a tired college student, an EqD Pre-reader, a Formidable Feather, and a sixteen-time EqD published author. I hope you have a lovely day—be kind to strangers!


El Golpe de Estado Mas Corto de La Historia Equestriana · 6:36am May 28th

Hello, sweetie pies!

I'm stepping out of my cryogenic freezing pod today just to let you know that the lovely ZodiacalComet has undergone the kind task of translating The Attempted Assassinations of Twilight Sparkle into Spanish!

It can be found here, and on the story page itself.

This will be useful if:
1) You speak Spanish
2) You enjoyed the story in English, but have since lost the ability to read the language and must rely on Spanish
3) Your parents speak Spanish exclusively, and you'd like to show them how you're spending your free time

Fun for the whole family!

yes i've made that joke before don't tell my mom

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Fics That I've Helped Edit!

  • Ego Sum Aequalitas Nothing to lose, and everything to gain. After weeks of starvation, thirst, and solitude, Starlight Glimmer thought she finally understood that phrase. She was wrong. So very, very wrong. by Craine 8,207 words · 1,008 views · 86 likes · 7 dislikes
  • Lost and Never Found Helping a lost filly find her way home should have been a walk in the park for Princess Twilight Sparkle, but this time things turned out to be a bit stranger than she was expecting. by Oroboro 3,930 words · 5,493 views · 831 likes · 16 dislikes
  • Ye Cannot Get Ye Flask Remember that time Lemon Hearts got her head stuck in a beaker? Except... it wasn't a beaker, was it? Time for Twilight to set the record straight. by PresentPerfect 1,179 words · 1,615 views · 180 likes · 6 dislikes
  • Someone's Been Punching Iron Will's Goats Iron Will gets to the bottom of who's been punching his goats. by Majin Syeekoh 1,048 words · 1,269 views · 140 likes · 8 dislikes
  • Fractured Sunlight As kids, Twilight and Sunset were best friends, but a tragic accident cut their friendship short. Years later, Twilight investigates the incidents at Canterlot High and comes face to face with what appears to be a literal ghost from her past. by Oroboro 113,957 words · 13,862 views · 1,914 likes · 65 dislikes

The Only PMV I've Ever Made

Figured I might as well throw this up here. A PMV made in the summer of 2014, set to the song "Jabberjaw (Running Underwater)" by Pain.

Latest Stories

The Ones That Make You Laugh (Comedies)

  • The Moony Maiden Celestia finds out that Luna has been publishing stories under the name "Moony Maiden." by Dubs Rewatcher 4,223 words · 35,952 views · 1,518 likes · 24 dislikes
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  • The Mane Makes the Mare After half of Twilight's mane gets ripped off, she decides that it's time to visit the Author of All Beings in order to give herself a sparkly magical mane, just like Celestia. One problem: the Author of All Beings is a massive jerkface. by Dubs Rewatcher 5,541 words · 8,713 views · 1,109 likes · 18 dislikes
  • How the Half-Naked Santa Saved Christmas A week before her first Hearth's Warming as one of the "good guys," Adagio Dazzle finds herself facing the most ridiculous task of her life: teaching Pinkie Pie to believe in Santa. by Dubs Rewatcher 5,317 words · 3,430 views · 292 likes · 9 dislikes

The Dramatic Ones (Dramas and Dramedies)

  • Aria Blaze: Throat Puncher Decades after being banished to Earth, Aria Blaze is possessed by a strange force that compels her to punch people in the throat. Rainbow Rocks retold, with Aria as a throat-punching psychopath. by Dubs Rewatcher 30,137 words · 1,592 views · 119 likes · 12 dislikes
  • Starlight Glimmer Battles Existential Dread at Sunrise Just a few weeks after nearly destroying all of time and space, Starlight Glimmer is invited to meet with Princess Celestia for tea. This can't be good. by Dubs Rewatcher 2,404 words · 3,911 views · 440 likes · 10 dislikes
  • Something Like Laughter It's been six months since Tirek was defeated, and Trixie is fine. Trixie isn't scared. She's not lonely, or sad, or even worried. She is, however, unable to sleep. And yet the nightmares won't stop coming. by Dubs Rewatcher 4,027 words · 2,773 views · 300 likes · 9 dislikes
  • The Nightmare I Need Twilight's sanity is at stake as she's haunted by dreams of Midnight Sparkle's resurrection. But Midnight's dark magic might be just what Twilight needs to win Sunset's love. by Dubs Rewatcher 24,332 words · 4,844 views · 393 likes · 17 dislikes
  • There is Always Some Madness in Love One night while studying, Pinkie Pie reveals to Twilight that she plans on becoming a super-genius in order to impress her crush. As Pinkie begins to reveal who her sweetheart is, however, things take a turn for the intimate. by Dubs Rewatcher 1,825 words · 2,373 views · 222 likes · 12 dislikes

Oh God They Have Hands (Misc. EqG Fics)

  • Bring the House Down After their first big gig at a bar downtown, the Rainbooms are kicked out without being paid. Can Rainbow Dash retrieve their money and restore their dignity without getting arrested in the process? by Dubs Rewatcher 8,028 words · 1,853 views · 76 likes · 4 dislikes
  • Maud and Rainbow Play Rock-Paper-Scissors Following a tense argument at one of Pinkie's sleepovers, Maud challenges Rainbow to a round of her favorite game, Rock-Paper-Scissors, to decide who gets to make the rules while Pinkie's parents are away. Rocks and dramatic irony ensue. by Dubs Rewatcher 3,038 words · 1,571 views · 159 likes · 6 dislikes
  • Sonata Goes Goth Adagio comes home from work one day to find Sonata claiming that she's "embraced her inner darkness" and become a goth. Adagio is not amused. Short, fluffy one shot. by Dubs Rewatcher 2,030 words · 2,551 views · 218 likes · 7 dislikes
  • Death is Optional Remember when Sunset yelled at Twilight for putting everyone's lives in danger? Well, Rarity does, and she's a bit confused—after all, how could their lives be in danger when it's quite literally impossible for humans to die? by Dubs Rewatcher 2,011 words · 7,714 views · 670 likes · 140 dislikes
  • Tears and Tootsie Rolls When Sunset discovers that Twilight has never gone trick-or-treating, Sunset decides that she needs to prove how absolutely amazing Nightmare Night can be—even if she has to drag Twilight along kicking and screaming. by Dubs Rewatcher 8,890 words · 5,122 views · 214 likes · 11 dislikes


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I'm too busy to work on my own stories most of the time—taking on a collab would just be irresponsible.

Thanks for thinking of me, but I'm afraid I'm not up for a one-on-one collab right now.

Are you interested in doing a collaboration story?

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