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Fandom veteran, journalist, sixteen-time EqD published author, nonbinary icon, Formidable Feather. I hope you have a lovely day!


Where'd you go? (End of an Era) · 8:50pm February 15th

Back in like 2017, I set a series of goals for myself, and said that once I accomplished them all, I'd leave the fandom. They were:

  • Go to BronyCon
  • Speak on a panel at BronyCon
  • Get over 1000 followers on FiMFiction
  • Get interviewed by the Royal Canterlot Library
  • Something else that I can't remember??

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The Only PMV I've Ever Made

Figured I might as well throw this up here. A PMV made in the summer of 2014, set to the song "Jabberjaw (Running Underwater)" by Pain.

Portrait of the Artist at Work

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Comment posted by StarInferno deleted Nov 11th, 2020

Congrats on 1k followers!

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