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Sunset Shimmer is a former tyrant, half-pony freak, and CHS' resident Friendship Chick. Twilight Sparkle is a former loser, absolute genius, and a complete nervous wreck.

When the new Twilight transfers to CHS, Sunset doesn't think much of her. But it doesn't take long for the two to become best friends — and change each other's lives in ways neither saw coming.

The first year of Sunset and Twilight’s relationship, told in real time through vignettes, text messages, snippets, and more.

Every chapter in this story takes place at a specific date and time on the 2023 calendar.

Pre-read by Posh and Quill Scratch.

Cover art by LZjian79 and Hiru315.

Chapters (35)
Comments ( 337 )

I really like this, and I can’t wait to see more. :twilightsmile: My only complaint would be a typo in chapter 1. Mrs. Harshwhinny starts off as the history teacher, but at the end that changes to Mr. Lacuna, and then in chapter 3 Mrs. Harshwhinny is the gym teacher. I’m guessing that was a mid-draft change that got missed.

Thank you!! Remnants of an old draft popping up! Fixed!

11581024 Wallflower used the memory stone to alter everyone’s memories of the gym and history teachers.

You’re welcome. :pinkiehappy: I was just discovering that sort of thing in my own stuff just this morning, and it’s not even posted yet.

Absolutely adore what you have so far. Will be tracking with eyes peeled! :heart:

Loving it!

Is Torn World based on anything?

Oh, this is delightful thus far. Waiting for updates in real time is going to be horrible. Looking forward to further fluff.

Aww, nervous Twiggles is really precious.

Everyone is capable of learning. Sometimes, you just have to couch it in terms that resonate with them on an emotional level.

In fairness to Harshwhinny, walking a mile would be a perfectly acceptable compromise for certain forms of asthma. I only really get symptoms when I try to run outdoors, but I can hike at a decent walking pace for hours with little issue. And if Twilight's inhaler is of the fast-acting type, like my Albuterol, taking it a little in advance of PE should be sufficient to prevent an asthma attack during mild physical activity, such as a relaxed walk.

Of course, she could have been a little more sensitive about it. What exactly is her definition of "strenuous," anyway?

Now, now, Twilight, not all anime dubs are trash. Go watch Fullmetal Alchemist or Hellsing Ultimate and you'll see what I mean.

11581231 Twilight’s only experience with dubbed anime is binging clips of the Big Green dub, so she just thinks all dubbed anime is like that.

Hey, now, Twi - without anime dubs, we wouldn't have SPC and Ghost Stories, and that's no world I want to live in.

The subbed vs. dubbed debate. Honestly, the thing that tends to tip me one way or another is how true to the original language and content the translation is. If you have bullcrap like they pulled in, say… Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid, I'll watch whichever Bowlderizes/Macekres it the least, if I watch it at all.

Ah, nerd bonding. Truly adorable.

And I do love Sunset using ingredients that are as close as the human digestive system can come to hay.

I'd like to hear more about this government agent. I'm guessing that dates to right after the Fall Formal?

Cool idea for a story format.

"snowfall silent"
As a connoisseur of metaphor in authoring, this got a big grin. Love it.
Haven't read anything here in years, but i kind of came back on a whim today. This looks like one to follow during lunch breaks.

I spent a long time trying to come up with the title and details for a believable fake anime. The one I finally settled on, "Queen From a Torn World," is partially inspired by one of my favorite Yu-Gi-Oh! cards:


And the character's name, "Sky Blaster," comes from:


And thus Sunset decided she's going to start producing adventitious roots and photosynthesizing.

She hands me a sheet of paper that’s got so much black photocopier burn it’s unreadable. I flip it over and see that the other side is an actual map — but none of the rooms are labeled.

Yikes! :twilightoops:

And I thought Princess Twilight could be a nervous wreck. Good to know she doesn’t mind the nickname, at least. I bite my tongue and start coming up with a new bit of small talk.

Your doing good Sunset. :raritywink:

As I begin the slow funeral march up to Mr. Lacuna’s class on the fifth floor, a single thought sticks in my brain: We have got to give that girl some friendship lessons.

Agreed. :fluttershysad:

“It is wrong,” Rarity says, rolling her eyes but shifting up in her chair. “Most handbags are bought and sold in late Spring, when tax refunds come in.”

Interesting. :applejackunsure:

Rarity blinks at me. “I read a graph in Hashtag Girlboss Quarterly, tracking sales over a year.”


The head librarian leaps out from behind a stack of books and shushes us.

Ok now I know she's just doing her job but shushing someone over a simple clap seems ridiculous. :ajbemused:

“She’s making us run a mile,” Spitfire says. Even she, the second sportiest girl in school, looks like she’s about to snap.

Now there's something I hated doing when I was still in school, I'm glad I don't have to worry about it in college. :ajbemused:

Because I’m a little shit, I can’t stop myself from saying, “I think running a mile is pretty strenuous.”

Agreed. :duck:

“Exactly. Get to running,” she says with a smile that makes me want to throw a clod of dirt at her head. She turns back to Twilight, who’s still looking past her and at me. “The bleachers are too wet for you to sit anyway. And if you really can’t run, just walk. We’ll wait for you.”

That's good at least. :applejackunsure:

When I step into the CHS band room for the Rainbooms’ regular jam session, I’m greeted by the usual suspects — Applejack tuning her bass, Rarity texting, Pinkie riding a ceiling fan — but also a new player, chatting with Fluttershy.

Wait, how has Pinkie not fallen or hurt herself from doing that!?!? :applejackconfused:

“Hell yeah.” I head over to the band room’s back closet, where I keep my junky old Strat. “So, you here to practice with us? Do you play anything?”

I'm guessing she's referring to her guitar, isn't she? :unsuresweetie:

It was supposed to be my public debut as one of the ‘good guys.’ But in the days leading up to it, a few people straight up told Pinkie they wouldn’t go if I did. And at the party, seven people (I counted) arrived, saw me, and left within ten minutes.

Ouch! :fluttershyouch:

“I dressed up as a character from a show I like,” I say, smiling. “Don’t worry, I don’t think anyone recognized it.”

Wonder what show it was? :rainbowhuh:

“Yep! I used to read the manga too — fell off once they started the Cruel Planet arc, though.” She motions back towards Rainbow Dash and her photos. “I’m shocked they didn’t recognize it, honestly. You did a great job. Even without the blue skin, I’d know that armor and those wings anywhere!”

Well, looks like they got something else in common. :twilightsmile:

I throw my hands into the air. “I don’t get what the problem is! Who in their right mind wants to read while watching?”

It's a long story Sunset, but you get used to it with time. :ajsmug:

The cushions give way under me and I slip off the couch, yelping as I go down. Hitting the hardwood floor sends an achy jolt up my back, and I just lay there groaning for a few moments, thankful that no one’s around to see this.

Oof. :fluttershyouch:

I mean, except for the government agent that watches me through my webcam. But they’ve definitely seen way more embarrassing stuff than this; we’re basically married at this point.

Wait what!?!? :applejackconfused:

Lack of sleep will do that to you. But fear not, for there are powers on the horizon!!

Poor Twi :(

Jewish Rainbow is a take i've not seen before. Though dumb rainbow ignoring legit medical advice? Yeah that tracks

Twiggles, I appreciate the effort, but there's a limit. Try to be mindful of that.

Yeah but she only did all that so she wouldn't fall asleep. Midnight Sparkle nightmares on the loose.

Just one word away from greatness.

That’s why, for the third time this month, we’re now all crammed into Rarity’s bedroom/studio so she can take our measurements. All of us except for Twilight, that is — I suppose if anyone’s smart enough to escape this sort of trap, it’s her.

Thx a lot Dash. :ajbemused:

“My Ultimate Camp Everfree Preparation Guide!” Twilight says, beaming. “I put together a handy checklist of essential supplies you’ll want to bring; guides on how to perform CPR, treat snake bites, splint a limb, and build shelter in the woods; and even a detailed breakdown of all the native flora and fauna we should expect to see!”

Damn! :pinkiegasp:

The edges of Twilight’s smile start to sag. “It’s just a matter of safety,” she says, pointing to the fine print on her sunscreen tube. “Even a single sunburn can substantially raise the risk of skin cancer as an adult. Especially for girls.”

Oh boy! :twilightoops:

Applejack lids her eyes. “Rainbow, you’re Jewish.”

13-year-old Dash reciting a Torah portion is not a mental image I was prepared to experience.

Oof, the Midnight nightmares are hitting Twilight hard. It’s good to know they’ll be resolved soon, but she still has a rough road ahead in the near future.


Wait, how has Pinkie not fallen or hurt herself from doing that!?!? :applejackconfused:

Do not question The Pink One.

Gosh, this one hits real good :heart:

Teenagers say the dumbest stuff.

Good thing Sunset's an adult in a teenager's body. She at least knows the right thing to say.

“This is for Camp Everfree?” Twilight asks. She offers Rarity an earnest smile. “I’d love to, but don’t we already have camp uniforms? I’m a big fan of uniforms.”

For some reason Twilight saying that she’s a big fan of uniforms is so cute to me

Oh man, I hated mile run days in high school. They said I could power walk if I couldn’t run, and that was embarrassing enough being the last one still out on the track after the rest of class finished. :applejackconfused:

More please it's just getting good🥰🙏

I recognize that there will not be a precise answer because of the "real time" conceit, but approximately how frequently will this story update? If you anticipate updates roughly every week or so, I'll check it out now without fear that by the time of the next update, I'll have forgotten everything that's happened; if you expect gaps of three weeks or more, I'll wait and read it upon completion so I don't lose track of what's going on.

“The Friendship Ga—” Rarity notices Twilight and finally shuts up. She offers a nervous chuckle. “I mean, you know, everything turned out alright, of course!”

Uh huh... :ajbemused:

It’s been almost a year since I reformed. Why do I still get so angry at people? At my friends?

Anger is apart of who you are Sunset. Even if you have indeed changed, it's still a part of you. :fluttershysad:

The two of us go silent. I rub her back until the shallow breaths give way to snoring.

A job well done Sunset. :scootangel:

From this point onwards, you should expect about one per week, occasionally more. Thanks for reading!

Absolutely. When we ran the mile in my freshman year, I walked the whole thing, finished way in last -- and then found a picture on Facebook that night of me walking while everyone was running. So definitely based on a true story :raritywink:

Focus on the marshmallows. There’s no problem in this world that corn syrup can’t solve.

Now that’s the Equestrian way.

Some excellent fluff here, and I have to love Sunset’s double standard. When she blames herself for all the world’s magical ills and lets her friends constantly remind her of her past misdeeds, it’s just what she deserves. But it’s unacceptable when they do it to Twilight!

Poor Sunbutt Jr. needs a hug. So does Sci-Twi. Also therapy. Definitely therapy.

Poor Sunset. Always hard crushing on someone while they crush on someone else.

Amazonian Sunset was not something I was expecting.

Touch-range magical empathy makes this sort of thing even worse for the girl who feels she deserves to suffer in silence. We'll see how it goes from here. (I have some idea given the premise of the story, but the details are up in the air.)

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