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“You scared me there, you saucy witch!”


High School is over and Sunset Shimmer is embroiled in the most ironically difficult and stressful task ever set before her...illegally faking her way into law school. It's a terrifying prospect, but one she might just pull off with the help of her best friend, Twilight Sparkle.

Of course a much bigger problem is the siren that has taken up residence in Sunset's spare bedroom.

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Sunset chewed her lip as she tried to collect her thoughts as best she could. "So that's Adagio Dazzle, formerly an evil magical water serpent thing from Equestria...and now apparently my kinda slutty roommate..."

Lucky you i'd say.

Fun start this one, i'll look forward to see the various ways Adagio's gonna get under Sunsets skin.
And going by the tags probably her panties too.

Looking forward for more.

Please please please! she will flirt with sci Twi as well, love to see how she reacts to Adagio suggest a threesome some time.
...........You knwo she will she just that type of girl and won't eb able to resist seeing how she reacts as well.

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And now I'm curious as to what model Sunset rides. This is going to be a fun ride.

Haha a black on black speedmaster is what I see in my head

Don't smoke. It's gross

*squeal :pinkiehappy:* It updated! This is going to be so fun! There's already tension there, my two other babies have arrived in the story, and holy balls, I'm so excited. Good work on the chapter. It's so light-hearted with smaller darker parts that don't detract from the lightheartedness. So ready to see how far Adagio can take her flirting. Lol, she doesn't have 'things'.

She should have a 9T, that bike is beautiful.

Oh, and your shameless self promotion worked :derpytongue2:

Adagio in Principal of Equestria? Oooh, that sounds like it could get kinky.

I didn't think Triumph was still around, not that I know anything about motorcycles.

"Simple," Twilight grinned like a cheshire cat, "both Applejack and Rainbow Dash are starting there in the Fall."

OK this should be good.

Smoking makes your voice deeper... like that fat bartender "lady" from Persona 5.

Figured Sunset would at least have a Victory, Harleys are overated anyways.

It was nice to see Adiago on the back foot like that for once.

Damn, Sunset must be into some freaky shit

Adagio smiled happily to herself before turning back towards the table and scooping up her coffee mug. "This should be interesting, don't think any of my past roommates have made it past the first night without sleeping with me before, well besides Aria and Sonata, but that's different, though there was that one time..."

Adagio, why do you always become the "bang anything that moves" person?!

Meanwhile, on the other side of the door, Adagio was cowering under her blanket, cradling the bottle of whiskey like it was a teddy bear.

When Sunset wakes up in the morning, she runs down to Dagi's room:
Twilight: "I call that comeupance."


My god. I didn't think it was possible for anyone to out-kink Adagio.
Also, Lyra and Bon-Bon have a weird relationship.

well shit, now I've GOT to follow this story. What the hell did Sunset do that's capable of scarring Adagio Fucking Dazzle?

85 likes and 0 dislikes? Impressive. You have my attention (not that you didn't already).

Adagio cowering? okay, now i REALLY wish we had details about what that story was all about. just... jeeze.

Oh come on! you can't have Adagio scared like that and not tell us what did it! I hate it when this happens!.

dear in the headlights 


Simple, Adagio is normal-kinky, Sunset is /d/ kinky. The first thinks itself THE hot stuff, until it has to face true deviancy. From someone with magical knowledge. Then they use whiskey bottles as teddy bears while they face the shattering revelation that they are normies.

Okay... If drunk Sunset can scare the nearly always deviant Adagio, what the hell she did during that sleepover? :rainbowderp:

Also, I love that Twilight is grumpy, serious drunk and Sunset is goofy, horny drunk.

Hm... I can't help but wonder if Adagio is hugging the bottle because she can't tell if she's horrified or aroused... maybe both. I wouldn't put it passed her, honestly.

Yeah so much for Sunset getting into college.

Still the matter of Identity Check and Background Information, SSN, Birthplace, and all that Penal Code business.

Smoking and drinking is hazardous to one's health.

Do you remember Rainbow Rocks? The show was for tweens, but the way she slang them hips around? Babe is straight sex.

“Yep, you were far more interested in Adagio, or Dagi as you were calling her.” Twilight explained with a friendly smirk, reveling in the chance to be the one handing out some good-natured teasing for once, instead of being on the receiving end.

Poor Sunset...

“I’m not so sure.” Twilight said with a light shrug. “It actually seemed to fluster her a little...also I may have told her the story of that sleepover. I think she was a bit intimidated.”

Sunset hung her head in shame. “I literally can’t remember anything from that night, and I still want to forget it ever happened.”

“Cheer up, Applejack forgave you didn’t she?” Twilight reminded her, placing a comforting hand on Sunset’s shoulder.

“Yeah, after not talking to me for a month...” Sunset muttered.

Um...Sunset, is this a thing with you?

Just give in to it, Sunset. You know it's gonna happen in the end anyway.

Twilight sat up, tugging at her rumpled pajama top. “Relax Sunset, it’s not the first time you’ve accidentally copped a feel,” Twilight grumbled, rolling her eyes, “and don’t worry, I actually made it through last night relatively unmolested.”


“Yep, you were far more interested in Adagio, orDagias you were calling her.” Twilight explained with a friendly smirk, reveling in the chance to be the one handing out some good-natured teasing for once, instead of being on the receiving end.


“Hah, there’s no way I’m dumb enough to get mixed up in that mess.” Twilight scoffed, letting Sunset dangle for a moment. “But you don’t have to worry, you never made it that far before she went to bed.”


“Yeah, after not talking to me for a month...” Sunset muttered. “Damnit, this can only make things worse but I should probably go apologize to Adagio shouldn’t I?”


Adagio was in her bed, sitting up languidly against a stack of pillows as she pressed a hand rolled paper tube against her lips, an ember blazing at its top.

You're high. Really?

"Oh sure, blame us all you want, it's not like I just saw you staring at her butt or anything."

"Shut up."

I love snarky Twilight.

"I'll have a sex on the beach." Adagio said with a sultry smile towards Sunset.

"Of course you will..." Sunset groaned.

You expected anything else?

"Please don't!" Sunset whimpered, looking like she'd been cornered by a wild animal.

This story is fun.

Sunset is over her head.

The grin on my face at the last line is stupid huge. I love this so much!

i have a feeling that story would be to hot even for the smuttiest porn

adagio is a troll and i love her i cant wait for the others to get involved im sure they will some how make things worse

I'm really happy for this update!! This chapter was so fun to read, i can't help but ship those two already :raritywink:

"I really don't see the problem here darling."

At least SOMEONE can see things clearly! :raritywink:

On real life? Undoubtedly I agree with you. But since this is seems to go by sitcom/porn logic, then that goes out of the window and shenanigans/romance takes the helm.

I have 1 huge problem with this chapter. I can't ignore it:

"Oooooh, I'll certainly have to find a way to thank Sunset for this..." she said to herself brightly as she unwrapped a plastic straw.

Come on! A plastic straw? Go with the times, paper straws are all the rage now.
Besides that, amazing and funny chapter. I see a lot of sexy problems in Sunsets future.

I'm with Rarity, I fail to see the problem here. But I know at least Adagio likes watching her squirm, so keep up the good work being awkward, Sunset.

This has good premise. I dig it

The problem? The problem!? The problem is Celestia is old enough to be her mother and then some, and she's been waiting for Sunset to come of age! I agree with Adagio, gross.

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