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Public Service Announcement #2 - Progress Update on 'Fine' Chapter 4 · 10:35pm April 14th

Since a couple people have been asking when the next chapter will be ready, I thought I'd just make a blog post about it.

I'm about 2000 words into Chapter 4, but my mind is all over the place lately, so progress has been frustratingly slow. I've got an idea on how the interaction between Sunset and the Mane 5 is gonna go now though, so I might actually be able to make some more progress now.

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Mina Ashido from My Hero Academia

What is that thing in your avatar, and where is she from?

hell yeah salamander, love those guys, also tu shan good choice.

I do happen to be fan of the Salamanders, yes.
And that is a vector of Chapter Master Tu'Shan

Your profile picture looks suspiciously like a son of Vulkan. You wouldn't happen to be a fan of the Salamanders, would you?

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