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Thanks for the fav!

Thanks for the follow!

Thank you for the follow and favorite, much appreciated. :pinkiesmile:

Dear gosh that was long, sorry about the length and making you read all that!!

I know how you feel, I'm always writing down comments to other people's stories but then sometimes end up just not posting the comments unsure if what I write is worth saying or if I have a complaint if it's just me that's the problem. Yep! Since the show's episodes happen in my story as they do in the show unless something is changed to fit my story, like the gala for one, it lets me focus on more action-based chapters since the slice of life stuff is in the actual show.

Haha yeah Ember is a fun one to write and seeing that she is so obvious to others but Spike makes me laugh a bit. I ddi a similar thing in the Chains of War story. Yep, I did make Spike a bit more of a dorky loser turned hero than the young kid trying to find himself that he is in the show but both seem to be able to apply to him if his background is switched a bit. Twilight hating dragons because she blamed them for taking Spike was something I came up with on the spot but makes more sense as the story goes along and shows how close the two are getting since she is a part of him. Yes, I have always felt bad for Celestia because she must have wanted a family or lover over all her years especially after losing a sister but fear was what I thought always kept her from it. That is why she chose a phoenix as a pet, she doesn't want to mourn.

Thanks again and I'll be doing my best to make the story better with each chapter! I actually have a side project that I have been working on if you ever wanna see it, it's not done yet and actually revolves around a younger Spike who was hatched by Celestia and grows as her son and secret prince as the dragons can't know that she had taken a dragon egg or they may try taking him from her. It's much softer than the other stories I've posted but action would still be introduced later. The supporting cast are Prince Blueblood, Cadence, and Shining Armor. In this time Spike had not met Twilight even if she is the princess's student. I was planning on the end of the story for the two to meet and become friends.

  • Viewing 121 - 125 of 125
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