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I like girls with dicks, if you couldn't notice. Also stories that are stupid but amusing. And stupidly amusing stories involving girls with dicks. And sometimes without dicks.

Sexy maids because why the fuck not


Holy shit I just realized I have a thousand followers · 10:03pm Oct 5th, 2016

Fuck yes this is awesome

You guys are awesome.

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Who is me?

Random guy who likes the show, and also (if you haven't noticed already) has a bit of a thing for futanari (NSFW link). I'm not even going to pretend that the fetish isn't weird as hell (it totally is), but hey, everybody has their kinks so we might as well be honest about it. I even made a blog post talking about why it appeals to me. I'm also mildly interested in exhibitionism/public nudity stuff, though not as much as futa stuff.

Most of my stories are just me scratching that itch. If it's not your thing, fine, just don't make a stink about it. Yeah, I know, it's kinda weird to write stuff about cartoon ponies, but if it wasn't that, it would be something else.

Also, Twilight is best pone.

(Weird) Things I wrote

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Are you still around, my man? I miss your stories.

A Watch, for your words.

2387789 Lol you do what you want you crazy SOB :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

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